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Human Nature

I’ve been locked into role-play with God. He’s been showing me scenario after scenario, attaching them to real men (and women, but mostly men.) I can now see what is wrong with humanity in general.

  1. Lack of self-confidence (usually via insults and other negativity directed at a person to damage their ego permanently) leads to ‘stepping stone’ relationships. People need to feel good about themselves to pursue what they want because they can no longer feel good by themselves. [You are loved.]
  2. Sealing hatred in one’s heart. Deciding to hate others because you inevitably hate yourself and then projecting that hatred and treating others with disdain, pity, et cetera, without remorse. Failing to get on the level with anyone. [You are annoying.]
  3. Anxiety, which is usually an arm of the lack of self-confidence, exists in spades. Maybe even the torso. It causes the brain to be overactive and people shoot themselves down instead of building themselves up. [You are worthy.]
  4. Hesitation leads to anxiety. The famous words “Carpe diem” and “Just do it.”(TM) might sound familiar to you. [You can do it.]
  5. We are encouraged to ignore our sensitivities for the preferences of others. You are being raped. [Walk in peace. God will restore you; just ask for it.]
  6. We believe virginity is everything but we define it incorrectly. To become virgin is to be celibate long enough that we no longer remember bodily touch with our neighbor. [You can do it. I have faith in you.] You might want to wait 6 months and get HIV tested these days, however. You absolutely should be tested between every partner for safety’s sake. If we all did this, AIDS would be resolved within a generation.
  7. The mother Mary was raped. That is how she ‘immaculately conceived.’ She was unmarried and celibate and still pregnant with child. Joseph is a motherfuckin’ saint, raising Jesus as his own. [You’re welcome, men.]
  8. Nobody walks the walk that they talk. They’re all hypocrites, basically. A few people do and you are recognized; have no fear. [Start walking the righteous path today and miracles will happen tomorrow.]
  9. Nobody is God’s friend. Everyone wants him to fix everything just because he’s all-knowing. Fix it yourself. You were created in His image, you have the power to do it. [You will succeed.] I told God once he did a good job (I can’t remember what I was praising him for.) He stopped and basked in it gloriously because no one had ever told Him so. He made such a big deal over it and I told him I love him and I’ll do my best to keep telling him how he’s great. I haven’t held that end of the bargain up for a while, but maybe I’m saving it all up for The Heathen’s Bible I’m about to write. [Title TBD] Anyway, why don’t you take a minute to tell God he did a great job making bees and flowers and trees and bamboo and cotton and copper and gold, since we all use those daily to make ourselves comfortable at the expense of the rest of Creation. [Yup, it’s on purpose.]
  10. There’s too much injustice in this world and it begins in our very own hearts. Stop pointing the finger outward. Point it inward. “What can I do better?” is what we need to ask ourselves. “Did I give it my all today? Could I have done something more? If not, how do I do what I’m already doing even better.” Become an expert at something, my friend. It’s what will give you real confidence. It could even be cleaning. Small skills add up to big things, especially when we share and co-create reality together with a purpose in mind. What purpose should it be? HARMONY.

Harmony with the plants, the animals, each other. Harmony with the bees and butterflies and everything. Even harmony with the bacteria, since we are 98% bacteria. In fact, our brains wouldn’t function without the bacteria inside of us. We are codependent upon it. Yet, we make everywhere as close to hospital sterile as possible and then cry about how ravaging the diseases are.

We should be letting people die, too, instead of extending their lives well beyond their natural expiration date. People who refuse to clean and cook and take care of themselves should just expire. They are not contributing to society, they are instead taking from it. They are taking up space that the blessed skunks and rabbits and raccoons could possess instead. The squirrels and the bees and the deer and the wolverines. There are tons of tiny animals failing to thrive because of many factors, but the #1 cause of death is: HUMANITY.

We. are. psychopathic. murderers.

Do you cry when you hit an animal in the road? I cry just going past them. I carry their spirits to the Great Beyond. I mourn them and cuddle them until they are ready to pass. I can still see the little raccoon’s face that I drove by yesterday in my mind’s eye. It’s so sweet and it’s innocent because a raccoon can only act according to its nature. (Stealing sweets from your garbage can, as it were.)

I remember one time I was leaving my work place at dusk. The cleaning lady was warning me not to go out the back door because there was a raccoon. The doors were glass, so I just stood there and watched him(?) get into the trash can and come out with a sugar cookie. It wasn’t even broken or anything. So this little child-like creature is standing there, sugar cookie in its front paws, nibbling and nibbling away, making the cookie disappear somewhat slowly…

Then the raccoon went back into the trash can. I’m standing there, wondering what’s going on, and he emerges with a second sugar cookie. This time, though, he takes off with it and runs up to the roof of the building, as far as I could tell.

God bless raccoons. They’re delightfully cute. [I guess I do sing his praises all the time, but it’s indirect. I love all of nature. I’m what’s called a naturalist. That’s funny because my hair is anything but.]

“Why are we talking about raccoons?” Because I love everything more than I love humanity these days. I’ve finally been raped so many times that I’d rather the whole species go extinct. That destroyers from another universe come and pluck us off the planet’s surface, along with that plastic island in the ocean, along with our nuclear waste, and just let the animals — the real Earthlings — have their planet back.

Let’s face it. We’ve made 6^1029 choices that led us to this awful place we call Life today. We routinely rape each other — crossing boundaries because the ends justifies the means — and then go home and blow off steam by pretending to shoot humans in the face in video games. We hate being alive and we’re doing the best we can to escape that fact because we’re told killing ourselves is a SIN!

You’re probably not even a Christian. You’re probably an atheist like me. You don’t even believe in SIN and yet you won’t end your misery. Because people who are Christian forced their values onto you. “Oh, don’t off yourself, we’ll get you [temporary] help to get you back on your feet again. Here’s a free Bible to get you started.”



God won’t let me die, though. The #1 reason is that I’m “the real messiah.” The only person in all of Creation that hears him as clear as a bell. But I don’t want to waste my whole life pretending to walk in Jesus’s footsteps. No, thank you. That dude wanted prestige, if he really did those things. He could have taught other people how to heal instead of hoarding it for himself.

So I will teach you right now how to heal yourselves.

Get into a comfortable seated position. I don’t give a rat’s ass which one. It doesn’t matter if you cross your ankles, your legs, your arms… oh wait, that has nothing to do with being seated. Right. SIT THE FUCK DOWN, SON.

Put your hands on your thighs, palms up. That’s right, you’re starting to look like a hippie. That means you’re doing it right.

I stole this from the internet. Boo hoo.

You can use a chair, don’t be silly. I said COMFORTABLE. Otherwise, you’re raping yourself just to do this, and that’s not going to work.

Okay. Now that you’ve got me and you’re sitting and you’re comfortable… I’m going to show you how to connect to The Universe(TM). Or, rather, tell you.

Look down at your hands [after you read all these instructions] and imagine there are thousands of tiny pores or ‘mouths’ all over your hands. They are all currently closed [unless you are already familiar with this kind of magic.] Right now, just let your mind’s eye create a new picture of your hands for you. Your spiritual body overlays your physical body and it is the body with all these pores, okay?

Just try to feel the air above your palms for a few minutes while you relax, taking nice deep breaths.

[No jump scare, don’t be silly.]

Okay, so you’re all relaxed and you ‘see’ the pores.

Open the pores.

You will feel a tingling or buzzing sensation above your hands, on the very surface of your skin. You will feel the energy in that ‘vacuum’ above your hands. There’s more energy in a square foot of ‘vacuum’ than in a nuclear weapon. (Makes sense if it’s just one atom split to make a mushroom cloud, right?)

Now my reiki master Ms. Melissa Crowhurst would say imagine there is light there. That might help you. It’s starshine, moonshine, and sunshine all commingled with the cosmic background radiation energy. (Or is it what causes the CBR? Doesn’t matter… it is everywhere and it is close enough to infinite that it matters not.)

It’s okay if you don’t feel it the first time or the second time. I know if you practice, you will feel it. This power is the source of all religion and ‘magic’ that ever existed and ever will exist. I was taught to call it Power as a child by a Native American shaman’s son. He’s been disowned by her tribe, however, so I won’t name them here. He lost his paperwork (if he ever had any) in a fire, as well as my mother, and without that stupid piece of tree with ink, he is no longer an Injun proper.

Anyway, once you master this connection, imagine drinking the energy through your arms and it crawls throughout your spiritual body, healing you completely. It pushes out all the bad juju and lets in all that wonderful light juju and voila.


To any Native American tribal folk reading this in the future: I wanted to be part of your world before I was murdered by the white man so hard that I now hear The Great Spirit and we choose a new world, where your customs meet the masses. Because even if the White Man spits on them, some of them will embrace it, cherish it, and heal this world. It is time to share the wisdom of The Great Ones. If there was ever a time, it is now, for sure, as we swim in poisons that kill us, no matter if we live off the grid or on, and you know that. We cannot sacrifice all of Earth/Eden/Gaia/Mother Nature for PRIDE.

If you wish to claim me now that The Great Spirit has made himself known to me, that’s too bad. I am a new nation: SOLSINGER NATION.

Join me, instead. I accept all with open arms. I am the Mother Mary reborn and my reiki — Universal Reiki — will save this world. This is what Jesus was supposed to have taught on his missions, and he did… but the white man glossed over it entirely because they know in their hearts, if they look hard enough, that Jesus was a Buddha — an enlightened one — and he did not have a preference for white men at all. He was a black man, actually. My name was never Mary, either. I won’t tell you because names hold power, even in rebirth. Your soul is eternal, but this planet isn’t if we do not step up as custodians of it.

I have been reborn for millions of years. Many of you have, too. If you are brave, you can go into regressive hypnotherapy and find out who you were. Many lives are not monumental at all, so expect it to be very much like this lifetime but in another setting altogether. You might be a snake, a black man or woman, a red man or woman… you might even be on another planet in your memories. Take heed: it’s not a fantasy your brain makes up. These are Soul Memories and if you choose to remember them, you will also remember skills you learned in past lives. They might come in handy these days. I’m not sure what use Greek Fire could be to us, but that mystery will be revealed if we simply try to look into the past.

They say history repeats itself when the actors are unaware. It’s absolutely true. Learn about yourselves and who you really want to be and take the first step now, today. You can even hypnotize yourself and learn about your past, but it might be best to do it with a therapist because your death scene might cause you a lot of duress, depending what happened.

I’ve drowned in one of my lifetimes, which is why I avoid water and learning how to swim, even though it’s natural to swim. There are a lot of things I don’t know about myself yet and I never will if the men around town keep obsessing over me and butting into my therapy time with God.

At any rate, The Holy Bible is not written correctly. The Quran is a bit closer, the Torah also a bit closer than the Bible, but none of them are 100% correctly what The Great Spirit, God, The Creator, The One, The Only YWHW actually said to any of those chumps; it was interpreted through their very own narrow understanding of reality instead of a literal dictation of what I said to them.

But I am here now, typing through this young woman’s vessel, telling you that you are wrong: you are all already in Hell. You strayed from the path of peace and righteousness because of layers and layers and generations of rape. You have come to accept murdering things as status quo, which makes the majority of you psychopathic. Repent and I shall let you live. Stop killing my fucking bees and start cleaning up that ocean or you will all cease to exist because those two things will kill everything on planet Earth. Everything.

And I will not let you run off to the next planet to do it again, either. This is the last planet you get to ruin, children. It is not the only one. Crystal — this vessel’s owner — has contacted other creatures from a land far, far away, who are en route to The Final Solution(TM): destroying all humans (and primates, actually, thanks to that fun movie you all created some time ago.)

Repent and you will be put on Santa’s Nice list. Failure will end in execution. (Thanks, Futurama. You’re so succinct and wonderful.)


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