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Tag: reiki

  • “Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment.”

    I wonder what idiots require this disclaimer to understand that energy healing cannot heal root causes of ailments, which is typically diet-related. Reiki is a temporary stop-gap measure at best unless you’ve just had surgery or trauma. That is when reiki is best employed as pain relief. How that screams to a person that it […]

  • ADITLO: Being an Ant/Ham Recipes

    I’ve told my parents many times now that trying to eat expired food is a bad idea. Yet, they have things with 2013 as the year of expiry. Things in tin cans. Things in plastic jars. They have 19 tinned hams and will not let them go despite the year I found on them being […]

  • Metaphysical Wisdom

    I am surprised that an author on the metaphysical from the 1800s correlated karma and Christian teachings to be one and the same. (Within the first ten minutes, no less.)

  • Human Nature

    I’ve been locked into role-play with God. He’s been showing me scenario after scenario, attaching them to real men (and women, but mostly men.) I can now see what is wrong with humanity in general. Harmony with the plants, the animals, each other. Harmony with the bees and butterflies and everything. Even harmony with the […]

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

    God tells me the deli men miss me. I’m like, “Wait! HOLD UP! Men? As in more than one?” That’s exactly what I’m saying, Sansara. Men. Thousands of men daydream about you being in their arms. But, they don’t daydream being in love with you. That’s why we never go anywhere or meet anyone. That’s […]

  • True Love

    Thank you, bearded fellow standing at the Meals 2Go line today around dinner time. You smiled just because you saw me, it seemed like, so I am grateful. Thank you. That is a taste of true love, right there. That’s something I need in my life, I’ve decided. Forget all these serious-faced deli men who […]

  • Joe’s Thoughts

    “I wish there was a woman out there for me,” he thought to himself. He was feeling particularly defeated that day; he had hoped for the third shift in a row to see the beautiful, amazing woman he’d laid eyes on in the super market. She had eluded him. After three weeks of consistent eye […]

  • A Beginning? (Good Vibes #1)

    Poignant video, Mr. Teahan. I opened up YouTube to start listening to my epic playlist and, hopefully, make it a smoother transition from one song to the next. What I found was a 37 minute video about childhood trauma that really hit the nail on the head for me today. I’ve been at war with […]

  • Silver Fox/Tattooed Dragon Man

    Good evening, dear sir. I first laid eyes upon you a few months ago in the food court of the mall. I had just walked in from the outdoors, as it were, and I stood still for no reason at all other than God telling me to. That’s when you walked past me, probably exiting […]

  • I’m Sick

    Something catastrophic has happened to my person. It’s really difficult to explain without telling all the details, so perhaps I just need to write a book describing it. I feel like there are many lessons being learned and if all of humanity could learn them with me, we might be blessed with peace and prosperity […]