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Tag: the holy bible

  • I have seen Satan!

    “I have seen Satan!” she declared suddenly. God had just called someone that. You have to understand that in God’s world, Satan is a title. Just like God is a title. Well, in God’s case, it’s also her name. God smiled down at her child as she continued to speak. “He’s a short man who […]

  • Human Nature

    I’ve been locked into role-play with God. He’s been showing me scenario after scenario, attaching them to real men (and women, but mostly men.) I can now see what is wrong with humanity in general. Harmony with the plants, the animals, each other. Harmony with the bees and butterflies and everything. Even harmony with the […]

  • Another Long Day

    “Fear holds fast to punishment.” (Part of John 4:18) Fear is not in love, but perfect love hurls out fear since fear holds fast to punishment [again,]; the fearing [one] has not been perfected in love. since fear holds fast punishmentsince fear holds punishment fastsince fear holds fast to punishment There isn’t fear in love, […]

  • No Recipes For Me

    I just spent two hours scouring YouTube for ideas of what to eat. Not a single person who created a video (even the really best ones) made more than one meal in their meal prep planning/execution than I could eat. It seems to me that nobody on planet Earth has my exact dietary restrictions… at […]

  • Wet Dreams/The Claymation Comedian

    Probably one of the weirdest things I’ve experienced as a new psychopath (psychic) is someone else’s wet dream about me. I was in bed talking to myself. This is a nightly occurrence. I’m always talking to myself… if it’s not God, it’s boys, and suddenly out of nowhere I felt someone dreaming about me. Yes, […]

  • The Stats Say We Are In A Void

    I know for a fact that WordPress is fucking with my stats, so it looks like nobody is reading my blog. I know this because I can link a video in my blog and the playlist or video will increase by ~110 hits. Not every reader is going to follow a link, either. I imagine […]

  • Dead Eye Joe Gets an Upgrade

    I feel bad nicknaming the man in the deli “Dead Eye Joe.” The first time I saw him, his eyes were dark, like there was no reason to live any longer. I know how that feels. I know it in my bones, actually, because I don’t particularly want to live anymore myself. However, perhaps just […]

  • Exodus, The True Beginning

    Wait, wasn’t that Genesis? they all think in unison. Hello, Children of Eden. This is God speaking. Exodus is where we begin. She fled her captors. My most amazing one, my highest one. She fled them all, big or small. She fled and fled, and they gave chase. They would not leave her be, no […]

  • Breaking Down The Girl

    In order to bring my child back to life, I’m going to have to bend her backwards to my will for a bit. She says that sounds painful, but I’m flexible, sir. That’s how she is, you know: a challenge arises and now she’s ready to tackle it. I will say this one time: use […]

  • His Bride to Be

    “Wake up, sleepy head.” “Why?” she asked, rolling over to go back to sleep. “Because I want a girlfriend who loves life,” he replied. She went off on a litany that he immediately regretted; he’d phrased it in a way that triggered her once more. He always did that and he didn’t know if there […]