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Tag: jesus christ

  • Human Nature

    I’ve been locked into role-play with God. He’s been showing me scenario after scenario, attaching them to real men (and women, but mostly men.) I can now see what is wrong with humanity in general. Harmony with the plants, the animals, each other. Harmony with the bees and butterflies and everything. Even harmony with the […]

  • What’s There to Worship?

    I wonder to myself that very thing, once I catch God trying to fuck with my head again. For instance, after I called him on his hours-long lamentation about a lavender shirt with a plaid jacket [I was cold, dammit, end of mystery], I remember him saying out loud, “Whoops! She caught me!” I think […]

  • No Recipes For Me

    I just spent two hours scouring YouTube for ideas of what to eat. Not a single person who created a video (even the really best ones) made more than one meal in their meal prep planning/execution than I could eat. It seems to me that nobody on planet Earth has my exact dietary restrictions… at […]

  • Weird Dreams

    She’s lovely, honestly. ❤ I want to fill her up with my love. I didn’t see her today, though I had hoped she would have come in around the time I was getting off my shift. I was so determined to ask her for her number, too. I had the strangest dream last night. It’s […]

  • Past Life Regression

    I’ve now mastered past life regression hypnotherapy, thanks to Udemy. What I really want to talk about is the idea of past lives. Since past lives are reality, that means someone out there is Jesus Christ. It also means someone out there is Hitler. And then I got to thinking… what if Jesus Christ was […]

  • Diego [Reboot]

    The man with the pony tail. I go to the diner all the time, hoping to encounter him again. I don’t. He was only there once. I loved him in that moment. Maybe I still do. His eyes are dark soulful pools. Like the night without a moon. Only the reflective pinpoints of starlight can […]

  • “A Day In The Life Of”

    I wake up alone. I’ve tossed and turned all night, rolling around with discomfort. My bladder reminds me that it needs to be emptied, but I lie there, semi-comfortable at last. I cling to the vestiges of sleep, wishing it could last forever. I look at the clock, remembering it’s set an hour ahead somehow […]

  • I Failed My Woman

    My woman is two people: a shell that is all grown up that takes care of the vessel (body) and an inner child that is imaginative and creative beyond belief. In a perfect world, the two of them would be one person, but this world is far from perfect. I love them both ever so […]

  • Rasputin is a Buddha and so am I

    There, I said it. You should know your favorite friend, J.C. is also a Buddha. Lots of Buddhas have existed. I have no idea if they’re the same entity reborn over and again, but who cares? I’m “enlightened.” (She scoffs at herself here.) I don’t believe this God fellow. I think he must be a […]

  • How To Handle Bullies (Pt 2)

    I got some excellent feedback on my previous entry via an open forum, thankfully. I’d like to amend my message appropriately regarding the subject of anti-bullying as I respond to the logic presented to me. Please bear with me! A member of the forum is perturbed that I share that violence is the key to […]