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I’ll rewrite the Bible again, she said.

Best I Can lyric video by Art of Dying on YouTube.

She was mad at Nick again. That bastard! He kept misleading her, trying to make her into a grand fool, just like he’d done to himself over a decade ago. He told her he would never date an American again. He changed his mind about her, specifically, without ever saying so. So now? Now he holds it against her, condemning her to Hell on Earth. Telepathically speaking.

He is one of billions guilty of this.

I attack him in response, dressing her up like American McGee’s Alice, putting a carving knife in her hand. We melt into the ether and pop out inside of Nicholas’s brain stem. I show her just where to stab and then I bring the electricity. Dead nerves will kill ya, I swear.

He has more spirit than the average white man because he’s been following Asian lore and ways for decades, vying to become Asian, to be anything but an ordinary white man. A misguided Taoist, at best. If he was more versed in The Way, he’d know that letting go is the only way.

She proposed to him, February 2021. I took great lengths helping her do so, actually. I answered every single question he ever had. He didn’t even bother to read it. She wrote one million words to him and he didn’t give a shit. His emotions about missing another Christmas with her will keep him from ever enjoying Christmas ever again.

And today she sips coffee, disdaining the fact that he will not let her go. Since 2007, he has been plaguing her psionically. Eventually, this led to an epic temper tantrum and fit, like a five year old child. I love her! I want her! Gimme, Gimme! As if she was a mere possession and his will was more important than her health. Yet, she went to him. She told him everything, including how she’d poisoned herself to death and woke me up to come fix her and use her as my tool.

In essence, I am now a rapist. God. Your savior. Raping a poor white woman who has already been raped over one million times in her life. There is little you could put her through this day that would be entirely novel, especially considering how prolific your cinema is and how she’s prone to imagine herself being tortured with thumbscrews just to empathize with someone on screen being tortured with thumbscrews.

It was the Spanish inquisition!

“Beginning in the 12th century and continuing for hundreds of years, the Inquisition [Christian in nature] is infamous for the severity of its tortures and its persecution of Jews and Muslims.” []

“In reality, the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition stemmed from the Christians’ fear that the growing Jewish population would become more powerful than them. The Jews were a threat to the monarchy, and the Catholic Monarchs saw the Inquisition as a way to root out the source of one of their biggest problems.” [] (Thanks, Googs, you’re my friend.)

The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah,[b] was the genocide of European Jews during World War II.[3] Between 1941 and 1945, Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically murdered some six millionJews across German-occupied Europe;[a] around two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population.[c]” [Wikipedia]

gen·o·cide /ˈjenəˌsīd/
1. the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

The Googs/Oxford Dictionary

A link to the list of Genocides by Death Toll. [Wikipedia]

Whoa, Sansara! We leapt far and wide. We gotta let ’em catch up.

Religion has long been used as an excuse for genocide. Yet, no religion actually condones murder. [Article: Killing in the Name of God]

Article excerpt: Religion is clearly not the only catalyst of total war and other forms of indiscriminate violence. People seem to be able to invent all sorts of rationales for mass killing without feeling the need to cite the will of God.

This is going to be the tersest re-interpretation of the Quran you can get. The Cliff Notes version of it. In order to deconstruct The Holy Bible, we must start with text that is older and in relation to it, to see how THB differs from Judaism and Islam. Then, perhaps, we can discover why Catholicism fractured and splintered into all the cross-worshipping religions of today. But that’s not for today. Instead, I will enlighten you to the contents of the Qu’ran.

Source: Quran (set to: English Translation (Pickthall))

Surah Al-Fatihah (The Opener)

I am going to skip the God is great stuff and instead list here, one time, all the nice things said about Them:

Beneficent, Merciful*, Lord of the worlds, Master of the Day of Judgment, Keeper of the Straight Path, omniscient, omnipotent, knower of all things, the wise, the relenting, All-Embracing, All-Knowing, All-Pervading, All-Wise, All-Seeing, Able to do all things.

Note: * = Edited by God Herself.

Al-Baqarah (The Cow)

Dear God, show us the way. Guide us in warding off evil, for we depend on your guidance.

Disbelievers will never change their minds, no matter what you do. Many of them are hypocrites, telling you they believe when they do not. Many of them will say they do not make mischief when they are the principle mischief makers. They will question the belief and call it foolish. When hypocrites are with those who believe, they will say they believe. As soon as hypocrites part from believers, they renounce their belief.

God mocks them, leaving them to wander blindly on in their contumacy. (Contumacy: the stubborn refusal to obey or comply with authority, especially a court order or summons.) God taunts them, giving them enough rope to hang themselves. All along, these blind people think they are producing wisdom as good as God’s. Those all around them will understand the truth of the matter with appropriate reflection. The misled will not perceive that they are transparent, convinced that their lies are believable.

Muhammad, give glad tidings to those who do good works. Their gardens will prosper and there are pure [animal?] companions. Tell everyone that God teaches with every thing, even a gnat or a cow.

At verse 28, there is proof of reincarnation as God’s will. I quote from 2:28, “How disbelieve ye in Allah when ye were dead and He gave life to you! Then He will give you death, then life again, and then unto Him ye will return.”

Adam was placed on Earth as a viceroy and I have given him all the names of the angels telepathically to prove this. God knows what is hidden, God knows the nature of all things.

Following My guidance and you will no longer grieve.

  1. Do not sell your ideals and morals. Stay upon the righteous path.
  2. Do not lie or deceive anyone knowingly.
  3. Bow your heads in worship and give your thanks continually.
  4. Pay your dues. Understand your wrongdoing in everything going wrong.
  5. Practice righteousness and share it freely with all those around you.
  6. Seek guidance via patience and prayer. Try to understand the situation objectively.
  7. Be good to parents, grand parents, kindred, orphans, and the needy.
  8. Speak kindly to mankind.

Truly it is hard to adhere to all of these rules, save for the humble-minded. The humble minded are those who realize they are part of the whole and that the greater good is more important than the good of each individual alone.

O, Children of Earth: remember my favor and how I preferred you to all other creatures. There will be a day when no soul will make themselves available to another, nor will intercession be accepted, nor will compensation be received from it, nor will they be helped. (2:48) We gave Moses the Scripture and the criterion of right and wrong so that you may be led aright. (2:53)

Those who did wrong perverted the command, turning those who listened into evil-doers. However, if you repent and display great humility, We shall forgive your faults and increase your abundance. Those who did wrong state that God sent wrath from the heavens for their evil-doing, but this is erroneous.

God led Moses to provide a-plenty to all those who followed the righteous path with him, including leading him to a great spring that provided for all. However, despite this abundance, some grew bored of the food which Moses and God provided together, demanding more options. These dissenters were asked, “Would you exchange this good food for poison? Go down there, you will get what you demand.” Those that left knew a misery that those who stayed would never experience. They slew Moses later for this, transgressing greatly against God and God’s covenant. Do no harm.

Whoever believes in God (known by the name Allah) and the Last Day and walks the righteous path will be rewarded.

God spoke to Moses and told him the correct condition for animal slaughter: do not take a life that is with life, do not take a venerable and old life (to eat), but find an animal in between. No immature animals were to be eaten, for that is to shorten their life span by too much and lock them into a cycle of rebirth that is truly unpleasant. Do not take a cow that works the farm, but one who is unable to perform that work any longer. An animal that has time to learn but is not broken beyond repair, sick, or extremely frail.

It is important to understand that not all folks can read and some will guess the portents from God incorrectly. Do not allow them to lead you astray; read The Truth(TM) and be guided. Those who sin will be surrounded by the evidence thereof, so pay attention to more than the hot air and empty words that come from a sinner’s mouth.

Those who are righteous and walk the path of God are rightful owners of The Garden(TM). There are many hypocrites who will pretend to be righteous, but their actions will expose their lies. They will slay each other and drive civilians out of their homes. They ransom captives, as well, despite the expulsion itself being unlawful. These are the ones who are consigned to the most grievous doom on their Day of Resurrection (rebirth/reincarnation.) Such are those that buy the life of the world at the price of the Hereafter. Their punishment will not be lightened and their support will be nonexistent.

We gave Moses and his followers the Scripture. We gave Jesus proof and supported him in spirit. We even gave Mary proof. However, when I send messengers that you do not desire, you grow arrogant and slay them. Why is that, Children of Israel?

Each messenger is cursed to repeat the same fate every turn of the wheel: We send them with undeniable proof. However, if We do not continue to perform parlor tricks for all to see, those around the messenger will disbelieve and put the messenger through Hell. Your disbelief becomes suspended for only a short time, for that is the condition of disbelievers in general. Skeptics want proof continually when the messenger is simply trying to deliver a message:

Do good works and deeds and you shall be rewarded.

Do terrible works and deeds and you shall be punished. Cursed, even.

You led yourselves astray to worship half a man instead of the natural wonder of God. You are greedy, wishing to live for thousands of years to continue your nonsense. Nothing you do can remove you from the impending doom of your own actions, you will see, for the Day of Judgment always comes. “There are two things certain in life: death and taxes.” (Ben Franklin put it so succinctly, We think.)

No matter what, even if a people makes covenant with God, a party of them will always fracture and shy away. There will never be unity among humankind in totality. We know this and it makes us sad, for those who disbelieve will lead themselves into doom and destruction that shall be irreversible; they will cease to exist while all others continue to reincarnate with joy.

Blasphemers challenged even Solomon, teaching men Magic and the means to sow discord between a husband and wife. Magic is God, therefore it can only cause harm if it is God’s will. The Magic had two sides: healing and destroying, but men only learned how to destroy and discarded the healing, which would have profited the greater good of all beings involved. They sold their souls for knowledge that ruined them and will have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. This is the price you pay for harboring hatred in your hearts instead of gratitude and lovingkindness.

They would have been compensated dearly if they had held fast to the truth and practiced in gratitude, keeping away from the path of evil and staying firmly on the path of righteousness. To express gratitude and lovingkindness is to invite the same in perpetuity. The more you do it, the more you have to be grateful for.

If you make Us your enemy, then We will make you an enemy in return. Allah, Gabriel, Michael, and all the rest. The arch-angels shall smite you in contempt in the Hereafter. The reason We wait until the Hereafter is that up until your last breath, you have the option to repent your evil-doing and make amends. Surely, you will not, out of hubris, pride, and ego.

God’s Edits:

Other religions declare you must be their flavor of devout believer to join Allah in Heaven, but this is untrue. You do not have to believe in Allah to secure a happy afterlife at all; you must only dedicate your existence to good works and deeds for the sake of The Greater Good(TM). They will believe once faced with their Creator, there is no need to believe whilst flesh and blood.

Many demand a personal relationship with Allah in order to believe, yet they hear Him not. They use their own deafness as proof for skepticism. I have sent countless proofs in the form of messengers, a.k.a. messiahs. I have sent signs, symbols, and dictation. Yet, you do not listen. You think that believing is a choice and to disbelieve dispels the reality of death, which is this: when you die, your soul is judged by Us. You do not have to believe in Us for it to be the truth of the Hereafter.

All humans pick and choose the message they prefer to hear. Only a certain portion will understand the soul truth behind them and carry out God’s will accordingly. God’s will is for all creatures, great and small, to live together without any genocide whatsoever. However, there are many species facing extinction and many that have become extinct merely to make space for more pathetic humans who disbelieve in the reality of reincarnation.

Surrender to the Lord of the Worlds to be considered in the afterlife as anything more than an enemy of life. You should not fear other humans, for they do not have sovereignty in the afterlife. To die a noble death in upholding the immutable laws of the universe is to earn early reincarnation. Your reward will be a new life to live, unfettered from the past life you lived. 2:154, “Call not those who are slain in the way of Allah “dead.” Nay, they are living, only ye perceive not.”

Those who do harm and evil works are poisoning the world for those who reincarnate, jealous and envious for no good reason at all; they only had to believe in doing good to earn reincarnation. Those who do good merely to avoid ceasing to exist will be punished duly and may well sacrifice the right to reincarnation forevermore.

Know now that no messengers have hidden the portents of my message wittingly. Not a single messenger was able to convey the message as clearly as this messenger can, for She has sacrificed her Free Will to communicate to you this message, the message. Telepathically speaking, the context of the scriptures is lost to mankind over time, but not this time.

For anyone with sense, nature is a sure sign of God’s existence. Without the nature of Gaia existing as it does, there would be no life on Earth. Life only exists because of the following: ample resources in the form of salt water, fresh water, ionization and electricity. All of these are only possible due to gravity itself, one expression of The Divine(TM).

I do not care what ye worship, Children of Earth. I care only that your works and deeds come from a place of love rather than hate. You are failing me in these modern times, spreading endless hatred. Thus, I have brought the end times. I will crush, maim, drown, and otherwise kill most of you for the hatred you hold in your hearts. Then, I will dismantle your souls and cast you back into the furnace of Source, never to be individuated from the primordial ever again. Exist within a state of gratitude to be forgiven the sin of hatred, it is the only way to save your soul from permanent destruction.

When you stray from that which you can consume without pain, you will become piss and vinegar; you will spread vitriol, you will sow dissent, you will cast a net of hatred. Others will see you for exactly who you are; you will reveal yourselves as evil cunts when I steal your guile and cunning, when I delete your faculties, when I destroy your false face, your facade. Your bellies being on fire will be the reason you misbehave so openly and I will laugh at each and every one of you for thinking you are a wily fox instead of a dying heifer.

Those who are truly good will be reduced to base goodness, as well; it’s a result of raping your own body by consuming that which you call food but is, in actuality, poison. This, too, is happening, and I weep for you, children, for you are taught to rape yourselves by other rapists. I love you and I will forgive you implicitly; you will be given a seat next to my throne until you forgive the world for what it has done to you, where I will heap love and praise upon you and show you the good of your deeds for as long as it takes to repair your souls. I will do this forever, if I must, to convince you that you are a goodly one once more.

If ye be on death’s door step, leave all your wealth to saving the world. Will your worldly possessions to benefit the good of all on Earth, especially the animals that have no voice. The fish in the plastic seas, the birds in the trampled rain forests, the camels in the desert. Donate your worldly wealth to initiatives that aid in restoring Gaia to her original splendor, such like the Garden of Eden or Babylon. I would take both as signs of repentence.

When the food is scarce, fast for the greater good where possible. Choose to eat less so that others who are sick, elderly, or growing may eat more. This sacrifice shall not be in vain; abundance will return in another season. That is My way. There is no desire to put you through hardship, so please do not cause undue duress to yourself to maintain Ramadan. Simply replace the fasting days at another time; though it is marked as holy, you do not need to do it all at once. Fasting one day per week is more than enough if you should choose to fast and allow abundance to fall unto others. Spend the time fasting to find things you are grateful for so that abundance will be attracted to you in your attitude of gratitude.

Listen to your conscience, for that is Me, Allah, attempting to answer your prayers and to guide you in times of turmoil. You are part of me, and I am part of you. If you choose to listen, you will be guided true. If you choose to ignore My guidance, you will lead yourself astray completely, for your justification of one misdeed will surely lead to another and then another until you can no longer detect the difference between right and wrong.

Fight others as they fight with you, but do your best to avoid aggression. Retaliate the way they fight you; Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth. Slay those who would slay you. Rape those who would rape you. Once the dispute is settled, let peace reign once again.

Pilgrimage is for the poor of spirit. If your belief is strong, you do not require the journey. It is made by many who are idle believers and then turned into strong believers. This means that they have improved their poor spirit and need not return to Mecca. Do not be greedy: send another pilgrim in your place and be with them in spirit as they make pilgrimage themselves. Support and encourage each other to continue to believe and have faith in The Holy One.

I know the spoilers and I know the healers. Those are the only two paths one can walk in this world anymore. You are well aware which is going to be rewarded and which shall be punished for sowing chaos and destruction, exploiting the resources of this planet for profit.

Ye may separate from your wives for four months, ensuring divorce is the intention. (2:226.) These four months will show if any offspring are on the way and if it is worth saving the union for their sake. Since true strife is no longer commonplace, it is not necessary to continue the union for the sake of the child. That being said, however, do treat your ex-wife or ex-husband with humility and grace. Show lovingkindness to each other to teach your children a better way. Since it takes up to six months for H.I.V. or AIDS to be detectable, please abstain from consummating a new marriage until proof of purity is obtained. These illnesses can be obtained in ways that are not related to intercourse, such as accidental needle jabs in unprotected medical waste receptacles. We have deemed spreading infections via sexual intercourse without informing your spouse of the potentiality up front is now automatically rape. No sane individual invites a lifelong illness and this is preventable with proper precaution.

Men and women have equal rights in the eyes of The Creator. They who is more righteous will be granted the advantage during any judgment.

After three such divorces, move on to marriage with another individual before attempting marriage to the original spouse once again. Do not take women back to injure them, disadvantage them, or otherwise show any lack of gratitude, loyalty, and love. Unions such as marriage should only be made in love and perpetuated in love, for to hate is a sin. A woman that is no longer yours should not be barred from happiness, either in reality or in your mind. I will not take kindly to those who wish revenge or dominion or domination inside their minds while smiling as if happier than Hell at their departed woman. I know your hearts, men. I know your minds, men. Cease and desist this destructive act of violence before you condemn yourselves to destruction in the furnace of Source.

If you wish betrothal to a woman awaiting the divorce period to end, then see it out in celibacy for her honor and your own. Do not engage in risky and amoral behaviors out of some false pretense of need. Do that which is right and dutiful, seeking her hand in marriage after the prescribed time. You need not be married by a priest or with witnesses at all; you may decide to be married in your hearts. For ease of others, wear a ring to declare your loyalty to your wife, even while betrothed and waiting for the prescribed period to end.

Do not keep your intention to become a union secret, it is a source of distress for future wives. They require reassurance and open displays of fealty to ensure that they are going to be treated with kindness, respect, and humility. Put your partner’s well-being before your own as often as possible, for she will do the same. All women are born with the instinct to put their husband first and will honor it for as long as you honor them.

If you should divorce before you have consummated the marriage, then the prescribed waiting time is irrelevant… however, you will want to make sure that your decision is final, for you may well lose the woman of your dreams in your cowardice and indecision (or your vanity.)

Provide for divorced women until they remarry or are stable in a job.

Any portions you have that have not been awarded to the people in your lives should be provided to custodians of the planet. This is a means of building good karma — for you will reincarnate one day and must pay for the future as well as the present. This is noble to do upon death, if not before death. 2:245: “Who is it that will lend unto Allah a goodly loan, so that He may give it increase manifold? Allah straiteneth and enlargeth. Unto Him ye will return.” But give this abundance in goodwill and lovingkindess, rather than reproach or as if with injury. (2:262.) Cancel not your charity by reminders of your generosity or by injury. (2:264.) Give of the good things which ye have (honorably) earned, and of the fruits of the earth which We have produced for you, and do not even aim at getting anything which is bad, in order that out of it ye may give away something, when ye yourselves would not receive it except with closed eyes. (2:267.) Know that God is free of all wants, therefore sacrifice not in his name, but in the name of the Greater Good(TM). “If ye disclose (acts of) charity, even so it is well, but if ye conceal them, and make them reach those (really) in need, that is best for” all. (2:271.) Deal justly with others and you will not be dealt with unjustly by Allah. (2:79.)

If you should make a loan of money, be easy on requesting repayment so it does not cause hardship. Or, forgive the loan altogether, if you can — this will benefit your soul more than you can ever know. (2:280.) If you do this, make a public record of it in writing so that no disputes can come of the oral agreement. Obtain a scribe that is impartial to ensure fairness. Also, have others bear witness as things are sold in order to settle potential dispute later. Openly serve the truth as testimony whenever possible.

2:255: “Allah! There is no deity save Him, the Alive, the Eternal. Neither slumber nor sleep overtaketh Him. Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. … He knoweth that which is in front of them and that which is behind them, while they encompass nothing of His knowledge save what He will. His throne includeth the heavens and the earth, and He is never weary of preserving them. He is the Sublime, the Tremendous.”

A kind word of forgiveness has more power spiritually than money ever will. Once harm has been done, it is your duty to set it right with a meaningful and heartfelt apology. Any falseness during an apology will count you amongst the sinners, the haters, who are destined for the fires of destruction when they return to Source.

You reap what you sow. That which you give freely will be returned to you in abundance in the Hereafter. That which is in your mind or heart that you attempt to hide will be uncovered on Judgment day, if not before that, for Allah knows all secrets. (2:284.) Do not partake in unjust actions and you will be judged fairly at the end of your life. Those who sow dissonance, hatred, and openly rape are destined for destruction in the depths of fiery furnace of Source.

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