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Tag: divorce

  • Flirting.

    There she was. Flirting with the hottest guy in the room. At least, I thought so. She was leaning into the palm of her hand, engrossed, her eyes on him. At least, at first. I don’t know if I made a noise or something, but she looked my way almost as soon as I noticed […]

  • Lessons in Love (2)

    Like I said, Mr. Mars evolves as he matures and ages. It’s kind of magnificent to see someone grow up and understand love over time. (Has he got a good therapist or what?! Know what I’m sayin’?) So many artists/musicians do. It’s because our emotions mature as we age. Literally. Men aren’t even physically capable […]

  • I’m Asking Too Much

    I am asking too much, as it turns out. It helps me weed out the boys from the men, truth be told. I want… need… to be married. One time. One person. If they cheat on me, I will not have the will left to carry on. I will be dead. This is the last […]

  • Camila, Tortured Soul

    Camila sat across from her therapist, nervous as hell. This was her very first visit and she didn’t know what to expect. She’d heard terrible insults flung at people who sought therapy and she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of those insults. Of course, she realized just then, most of those insults […]