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Diseased Mind

TogiT — Today at 2:29 PM
Super_Fox — Today at 2:30 PM
I have to deal with my mother being in the emergency room.
TogiT — Today at 2:30 PM
ohhhh I am so sorry
I’ll pray for her
is she ok?
Super_Fox — Today at 2:46 PM
She isn’t dead yet. She’s in there because I healed her enough for her to realize she needs emergency intervention. My amateur diagnosis is impacted fecal matter that is causing a slew of other issues. She’s had chronic constipation for years, sadly, and doesn’t want to listen to me about resolving it, either. It has become her new normal as of two or three years ago. I am hoping to get a call soon with a room number so I can take her some clean clothes and talk to her doctor because I have lived with her long enough to know a few things to tell them… but hopefully they will see this is a four year long build up to her current issue, which could also be a direct result of her consistent usage of laxatives to eliminate waste… not that you wanted to know all that.
In short, she lives if she tells them everything she can. She dies if she tries to hide anything out of shame.
TogiT — Today at 2:48 PM
would you maybe like to work together
I have some ideas that might interest you
Super_Fox — Today at 2:49 PM
Not right now, but perhaps later. I’m on a healing spree.
I just sprayed Microban 24/7 on everything she’s touched in the past week, stripped her bedding, and took all the wash down to the laundry room… it’s going to be an entire day of laundry, I believe…
On top of that, I have to sanitize surfaces, do the dishes, and try to get a mountain of shitty food we cannot eat out of here because she gets this foul box of free food for being a senior and it’s all a death diet.
Mountains of tomatoes, gluten, oatmeal, juice full of ascorbic acid or citric acid… a completely acidic diet. Have you studied up on acidity vs. alkalinity?
Literally this charity has killed my parents if she dies.
I’m not okay with this. At all. I’m not okay with the idea that some charitable asshole can deliver poison to their doorstep, but literally cannot give them a fucking box of fresh vegetables.
Cheese “food” because it’s not actually cheese, canned tomato sauce, macaroni noodles, spaghetti noodles, oatmeal, fruit in syrup, plenty of citrus, sliced and canned potatoes. I have about 500 pounds of this shit because they stopped eating it, subconsciously realizing it’s poison! But if I try to throw it away, they raise a ruckus. Oh, no, give it to the dying neighbors! Help them die, instead!
Where is God in this? I’ll tell you where. He is preparing wrath. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
TogiT — Today at 3:11 PM
do you still hear voices in your head that are not yours?
or what happened to the crystal suicidial shocks
Super_Fox — Today at 3:39 PM
Hmm? Crystal suicidal shocks?
TogiT — Today at 3:40 PM
Super_Fox — Today at 3:40 PM
I hear fewer people in my head these days or they are less active. As my quest to become the ultimate healer progresses, I get rid of them bit by bit.
TogiT — Today at 3:40 PM
Super_Fox — Today at 3:40 PM
I would still rather be dead, quite honestly.
TogiT — Today at 3:40 PM
maybe you want to see someone
like a psychologist
it might help you
Super_Fox — Today at 3:41 PM
That’s funny. I used to see a psychologist weekly.
I bet now I’d be diagnosed with MPD… multiple personality disorder. Or perhaps something worse. Definitely borderline personality disorder since I’d rather not be alive.
TogiT — Today at 3:42 PM
multiple personality disorder?
tell me more
Super_Fox — Today at 3:44 PM
I’m multi-tasking, so a little slow…
TogiT — Today at 3:44 PM
Super_Fox — Today at 3:46 PM
Multiple Personality Disorder is now also identified as Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is when a person’s brain fragments itself and presents as multiple different entities that are housed within the same individual. Most often, one of them is a protective identity or an adult and another is a more child-like entity that needs protected. When the patient becomes stressed, the dissociated identity rises into a protector mode kind of like a cobra, making threats as needed or triggering the fight-or-flight response to remove the more child-like half from the situation that is inducing stress.
I’m not MPD or DID, although I used to be something like DID where I knew each piece was me, but I gave them each their personality and used them much like role-playing… I brought out whichever one would work best for the situation at hand.
TogiT — Today at 3:47 PM
u should still see a psychologist tho
Super_Fox — Today at 3:48 PM
I ruled out schizophrenia already.
There isn’t anything left that comes close in psychology.
TogiT — Today at 3:48 PM
do u believe in god?
Super_Fox — Today at 3:50 PM
In an irreligious sense, yes. There is an invisible force that guides the universe, for we orbit it as the universe expands. It’s impersonal and gives zero shits about me. There will be no ‘saving me’ from my enemies or any of that shit… except… funnily enough… one of the voices I hear identifies with the name God. God knows things I don’t, but isn’t a show pony, so he won’t perform for people to “prove to them” that he’s who he says he is… I don’t blame him. He works through me and therefore I’d have to waste Our valuable time reiterating the same shit every fucking day just to “prove” to the skeptics that there is something beyond life.
I know there is something beyond life because I see spirits. Primarily, animal spirits. I don’t like humans anyway, so that suits me just fine. It’s part of my Native American shamanic tradition and I do not feel as if it is proof of some sort of Heaven or God.
TogiT — Today at 3:52 PM
maybe you are some kind of witch?
Super_Fox — Today at 3:52 PM
Besides, He’s already given me all the therapy a person could need.
TogiT — Today at 3:52 PM
u should syil
Super_Fox — Today at 3:52 PM
You mean someone who casts spells?
TogiT — Today at 3:52 PM
still see someone
TogiT — Today at 3:52 PM
with your healing
Super_Fox — Today at 3:53 PM
That’s just reiki and shamanism. Two historically accredited traditions that modern science and medicine try to discredit at every turn.
You want to see magic, Togi?
TogiT — Today at 3:53 PM
Super_Fox — Today at 3:53 PM
I will heal you, if you like.
TogiT — Today at 3:53 PM
Super_Fox — Today at 3:53 PM
Do you know anything about Hinduism?
TogiT — Today at 3:53 PM
they like cows
also the only magic i need atm is money 😉
Super_Fox — Today at 3:53 PM
hehehe… yeah, they do… they think people reincarnate into cows.
TogiT — Today at 3:54 PM
oh yes
i remember
Super_Fox — Today at 3:55 PM
Okay it’ll take me a bit to explain healing.
Long long messages, lots to say.
The indigenous people of all of Earth had connections to the spiritual side of life and passed the learning of this down through lineage. Although all tribes folks were free to learn about it and be taught, only the wise people practiced it on behalf of the tribe. This is true of everywhere, it’s just further back depending on how “advanced” the civilization became and how quickly.
I believe that when we spend time in our amygdala, which is prior to developing our conscious thoughts and having language, we are in tune with the spiritual forces all around us. I think this is the case because it’s closer to the brain stem, which is where our sensory information is interpreted for the rest of the brain.
I’ve been researching the brain to figure out just this, actually. Anyway, as we age and learn and learn, we move closer and closer to using our pre-frontal cortex, which is right behind our foreheads, and where the third eye is purportedly located.
TogiT — Today at 3:59 PM
so can i do telekinesis
Super_Fox — Today at 3:59 PM
That means we are getting further and further away from the processing center that is convinced and/or capable of receiving spiritual energy and information. However, we also say the third eye is a spiritual portal, so I have yet to answer that paradox.
Maybe? I have no idea what the human brain is fully capable of.
TogiT — Today at 4:00 PM
i hope
Super_Fox — Today at 4:01 PM
Anyway, if you think scientifically speaking, think of this: our brain stem is passing messages from body to brain on the subconscious level at all times, even while asleep. Sometimes, these messages are bad messages. Sometimes, they are messages of pain. Sometimes they are poor interpretations of stimuli, or muscle groupings become more vague to the brain’s ability to interpret sensation and coordinate movement. (There are individual areas of the brain that control pretty much each and every minor and major aspect of life.)
Thus, I can send messages to your brain stem to alleviate pain by intercepting the pain message. I can send messages to correct posture automatically without me even thinking about what to correct… I just intend to send healing energy. The body then consumes the energy to correct things that are not going right. Sometimes, this is just psychological blockage or a trauma that’s imprinted on the amygdala and surrounding areas.
That’s reiki, essentially, explained scientifically.
From the non-scientific view point, it goes like this:
My willpower is a type of energy. Energy does not cease, it merely transforms into another type of energy. Since humanity is telepathically connected by an extremely thin stream of electrons and/or energy, my willpower can then affect your well-being. Your own willpower can affect your own well-being, too. Inversely, if you spread hatred or anger around, you are hurting others with this same premise. This is the magic spoken about that are learned from the angels against the will of God in both The Holy Bible and the Qu’ran.
This is what we speak of when Native Americans say you have two wolves you can feed: the positive energy wolf and the negative energy wolf.
Putting your energy into negativity will destroy your life.
And, likely, it will destroy the lives of others, as well.
Super_Fox — Today at 4:09 PM
So everywhere we look, in every holy text we have, every parable relating to character and how to act righteously versus unrighteously, we see that positivity (gratitude, joy, hope) are what we should be chasing rather than negativity. In fact, even psychologically speaking, we have proof that living in a lifestyle of gratitude, joy, and hope, as well as optimism, extends our life span. We enjoy more pain-free days, we stop and marvel at sunshine, starshine, and smell the flowers. We give our love to everything around us.
People who embrace happiness tend to be healthier than those who do not.
We have all the proof it will ever take to prove that living a well-intentioned life based in observing the reality of our intentions (especially when they backfire and cause malaise, dissonance, or unhappiness in others) is for the Greatest Good of All Beings Involved(TM).
By observing when our intentions go awry and being diligent in fixing the outcome until it is most suitable, we are able to live a life free of worry and negativity that comes from outside of us.
Thus, like a samurai, we should all have a code of honor and ethics, whereupon we deem it necessary to avoid harming anything outside of ourselves, for we are all interconnected by an invisible quantum force that allows us to perceive that which cannot be perceived with our eyes alone. To live this code of honor and ethics is to reduce the anger and malevolence of all those around one’s self.
Therefore, I posit we are all latently (subconsciously) aware of the chaos and confusion we sow, the discord we leave behind, especially when we decide to simply blow up the bridges connecting us in the real world to others once we’ve done them dirty and wrong; we will have all that anger and unhappiness that is a direct result of misbehavior stirring in the backs of our minds, and if we do not regularly take care of ourselves by processing our feelings and writing out our actions over time, we will succumb to a numb state that forces us to seek drugs, alcohol, and every form of escapism possible. Especially if the ill individual has been raped and is unaware of the fact that they have been heinously abused because the rest of humanity hasn’t caught onto the fact that forcefully crossing the boundaries of other human beings is, in fact, a form of rape. It is no longer merely forcing one’s self upon a person in sexual intimacy. It is coercion, it is subversion, it is so many things that people routinely get away with everywhere we look.
TogiT — Today at 4:15 PM
I understand
but i gtg
Super_Fox — Today at 4:18 PM
That is to say, we are telepathic as a species and we ignore it as much as we possibly can, heaping tragedy and malaise onto each other and expecting the world to simply end because some sky daddy will come down and end it. In The Holy Bible, it even indicates a new Earth will be given to the humans, but there is no way possible for that to happen, as we all know. Yet, these assholes continue to operate, thumping the Bible, screaming and yelling, causing dissonance to all those who will even stop to listen or end up walking by because they have no choice. And all we really need is more silence… silence for the birds, the bees, the wild animals to fill with noise. Silence for running water to be heard. Silence so we can hear the cries of babes as they are literally forcefully penetrated by pedophile bastards who get away with their shit because the victim is too terrified to rise against them, because there is not enough support for these poor lost lambs, because we blame victims and shame them for existing because we ourselves understand in that moment we have been victimized and we did nothing.
TogiT — Today at 4:19 PM
let me know if you have a job for me
I need to work
Super_Fox — Today at 4:21 PM
Reiki was founded by Moses, given to Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and more. The art was lost until Usui Makao, a Japanese man, fasted on a mountain top until he was struck by a force that toppled him over. He fell asleep and, when he woke, he saw symbols of power float through his mind’s eye. He then began to teach this to others, calling it the art of reiki, which is a compound Japanese word that is translated about 15 different ways, but one of them is “universal life source.”
There is an energy that is completely abundant everywhere in the universe, which is not so hard to imagine since we know what happens when we split a single atom of hydrogen, as we have already done in order to indiscriminately murder many, many people. This energy is something you can tap into via Usui reiki’s symbols, but it doesn’t stop there. Reiki is also the ancient shamanic thread that goes back to all those indigenous tribes. It is a spiritual art that heals the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body.
Negative energies from outside forces influence you all the time thanks to telepathy, thanks to everything we know of reality. They can crystalize in any of these bodies and if they are not dealt with in a timely manner, they will cause the patient to commit suicide in some form or manner, up to and including: eating food that is poisonous to the system, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in attempts to stop the heartbeat, overdosing on dangerous substances, and other more overt actions such as violence to the Self.
Reiki transforms the Cosmic Background Radiation of The Universe into a healing power that can and will dissipate negativities inside and outside of an individual’s sphere of existence. This is how healing works.

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