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Today I am gaining favor with my she-dragon named Banshee. She kind of looks like this:

Copyright to National Geographic. An image of a house cat staring over its shoulder at the camera.

She’s on my lap obtaining heat and soaking up my vibrational life energy, giving some back in the form of purring. I call her a dragon because 90 pound dogs are afraid of her and she’s all of 7 pounds.

I’m also playing Soda Dungeon 2, minimized, trying to buy all the upgrades from dimension 2. Don’t ask why, it’s just what I do. All my heroes are level 25+ now (except chef onward.) The chef is level 5 and I decided he’s a waste for the time-being so I’m not bothering with them.

I want to know if there is a max level (WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP — DON’T TELL ME YOU ASSHOLES — I like to earn my knowledge of a game, thank-you-very-much!) I also want to know where the dungeon stops — is it the same as all the other dimensions going forward? I’m curious. STILL, DON’T FUCKING TELL ME! I’ll figure it out on my own… and this is for the best because I make observations other people do not. I find loop holes in this manner, things I can exploit for my own gain and personal power and MWUAHAHAHHAHAHA. *Ahem.* Excuse me.

Just like I’m “playing” My Singing Monsters and I cracked the code to breeding all on my own. Well, Excel spreadsheets helped me. LibreOffice, actually, but I’m switching to Excel some day.

Only when one understands 100% of the rules and setting can one make the game do one’s bidding.

Rules of the real world:

  1. Do not break the law. Being ignorant of the law you are breaking will not rescue you. Laws are not taught to the masses as part of school for whatever reason, which I think is wrong. It’s enforced ignorance for the purpose of control, most likely. Or just a giant gap in the system. You choose!
  2. Do not hurt people. It’s usually against the law. If it isn’t, it will be.
  3. Do not waste resources. They are finite and come at great cost; either we destroy living creatures for it (food, wood, etc.) or we toil greatly to dig it up from the Urth.
  4. Save money so you can live the easy life one day. Except, once you retire, you lose your schedule and that kills you anyway.
  5. Nothing will clean itself.
  6. You are part of the problem if you know the problem, for as long as the problem exists, until the problem is solved.
  7. You must assign yourself optional jobs to level up.
  8. We’re all super heroes or villains in disguise with an origin story hiding inside of us.

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