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One of my exes is a pedophile. His name is Ben. He’s a white boy the age of a real man who happily babysits for all his siblings, staying child-free himself. Every time he sees a child or baby, he comes home all smiles for hours. I wish I knew he was a pedophile. I would have turned him in myself. Now, I’m just the ex who wants to hurt him over nothing.

He’s hurting his nieces and nephew. Alma, Evelyn, Freyja, and Thor. I mean, Theo. As in Theodore.

I saw one of them give me the most evil face on planet Earth once. I always wondered what that positively despicable look was for, but now I know: she thought I knew about her issues with my now ex. She thought I knew he was touching her. And maybe she was more than a little bit mad I didn’t babysit with him to stop him from hurting her, since nothing happened whenever I was around.

Uncle Ben is going to have a lot of explaining to do, because he has raped his own sisters before. God keeps insisting that his sister’s baby, Carmen, is also his daughter. It explains a lot. Oh, and add her to the children being exploited for his own dastardly bullshit. He only cares about getting off. He has zero compassion for other beings. I have never once seen him spring into positive action for any being whatsoever. I have only ever seen him kill bugs happily. Triumphantly, really.

He actively stayed away from anything that was suspiciously emotional. I don’t even mean Hallmark series. I was watching 13 Reasons and he wouldn’t even sit within earshot of it. I’m pretty sure that’s a drama even men can get into at least a little while. It does, after all, center on some important topics and is mostly about Clay, a male protagonist, and how he deals with the suicide of a peer that he had the feels for. (A situation I hope is not prevalent in our current society. All the love, rape victims. I spend time healing you every day, darlings.)

I have never, ever seen a man smile for an entire evening just because he held a baby in his arms.

Have you? Was he the father? I think that’s a bit different. I also think most fathers are scared as hell, especially when it’s the first born.

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