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You Don’t Deserve Anything.

“You don’t deserve anything. You have to earn it.”

If men or women or anything in between out there think they deserve someone, they need a reality check. Nothing in this world is for free. Every single action we take has a cost. Every single resource we sip from has a cost. Human beings like to ascribe monetary cost to this, but it’s grander than that. There is a cosmic cost.

Putting garbage in the oceans and lakes and rivers? It has a great cost. The animals therein are getting sick and dying. Animals we depend upon to feed us. To sustain us. We’re poisoning entire ecosystems because we deserve things. What we deserve is the check, the bill. It’s time to pay for our foolishness.

I wish the universe would turn around and bill us for all the chaos, confusion, death, poisoning… We deserve it. We deserve to face the consequences of our actions. We deserve to understand how, as a singular species, we have ruined an entire planet.

That is what we deserve.

We do not deserve “Medicare C.” We do not deserve health insurance. (I’d argue we ought to have a society that does not run on money and healers should want to heal people.) The cost, the greed… it’s being turned into an infectious disease, passed down from billionaires (and trillionaires and gajillionaires) to the common folks who really just want to get by, to be honest.

They want food on their table. They want to go to sleep in nice pajamas. They want some entertainment while they aren’t working to earn a living. All for what? Lining the pockets of others so they don’t have to dig in the dirt, ultimately. Digging in the dirt is hard. Relying on yourself and your own harvest is insane these days. And yet everyone in the ‘States has read about root cellars and the way things used to be done back in the day. The days of the land being wild and full of Natives. Instead of doing that, we want to brush our teeth and let the police enforce the laws and keep us all safe. Due process. We want to be civilized. More than animals.

We are just animals. No matter how clever we are, we are still classified as mammals. Mammals are a type of animal. We put a lot of pretense around our existence, trying to amplify it as something good. It’s not good, choking out the rest of the Earth to sustain 8 billion homo sapiens and counting.

I chose not to have children, myself. My choice was born in the fact that I was raped and I didn’t want to bring a child into this world knowing they could be violated right under my nose and I’d never know. Or worse yet, I’d never do anything for him or her, even if I did know.

It sounds stupidly implausible, right? Someone who advocates equality for all, someone who values a child the same way she would value an adult (more, actually, because they aren’t yet poisoned by what adults do to each other in ignorance), and I might not be able to support a child that was raped?

Let me support all the children who have been raped right now:

I hear you crying in the middle of the night. I hear you acting up, lashing out. I hear you acting lewd and lascivious as a result of someone hurting you and taking your innocence. The pain is in your eyes, children. The adults either don’t care or don’t know how to help you. So let me help you:

No matter who it is, no matter what they are to you, if you are being forced to do something you don’t want to do, KICK, SCREAM, AND PUNCH. Get loud! GET NOISY! Call 911!!!!! Call Child Protective Services! Anyone who touches a child pretty much gets a death sentence once sent to prison, so don’t let them scare you into submission.

That doesn’t mean get riled up in the classroom because you’re opposed to homework, though. It doesn’t mean getting angry at a teacher for having to take a test. That sort of distaste you have you can use passive disobedience on. I’m talking about people who want to touch you. Take you places. Violate your private parts. You are not obligated to give hugs, not even to family members. It sends a message, forcing a child who isn’t ready to hug to give a hug. It says: You don’t have a say. You do this because I say so. Because I say you ought to. Your personal preference is no consequence.

This happens approximately every three minutes to a child somewhere. They are forced to observe a boundary their parent decided upon rather than their natural boundaries based on who they are. They are already an entity at birth. Your job as a parent is to teach them how civilization works and how to work the systems here to support them during the challenges they will survive.

But what do I see parents doing?

Eat it, someone in China is starving. Just give your grandma a hug, I don’t care if you hate the way she smells. Grin and bear it, it’ll be over soon. How dare you decide you want to play before you do your homework! Do as I say, not as I do. Obey me or I will hurt you. I will hurt you even when you obey me because I do not respect you. You are my child: I brought you into this world, I can take you out again. Just go with Uncle Ben, stop fussing about him [even though I noticed he touched you inappropriately once, I’ll totally give him the full benefit of the doubt.] It’s just overnight, there’s nothing to worry about… I’ll be here first thing in the morning. Why don’t you ever listen to me? (I never listen to you, of course, but I won’t think about that.)

If you are a parent and you are not listening to your child then you do not deserve parenthood.

You deserve to be in prison.

You are a rapist and you are teaching your children how to be raped.

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