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Tag: wegmans

  • So What Are We?

    I have been wondering who I am for a while now. If I’m psychic and I’m receiving all the information from the people surrounding me… what part of this is actually me? He’s here again. The grey-eyed man. He’s thinking about me right now. He has been all day, on and off again. I can […]

  • My Primordial Stench

    I am marinating in my mild body odor, sitting here while I contemplate all that is, was, and ever will be. I’m not yet offensive in my own eyes, so it’s neither here nor there that I haven’t taken a shower yet. It’s 2:45 in the afternoon and I know I must wash myself and […]

  • “Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment.”

    I wonder what idiots require this disclaimer to understand that energy healing cannot heal root causes of ailments, which is typically diet-related. Reiki is a temporary stop-gap measure at best unless you’ve just had surgery or trauma. That is when reiki is best employed as pain relief. How that screams to a person that it […]

  • I Hate Shopping

    There are about three million reasons I hate this activity, but there’s only one that has a name: Ben Vesuvius. That asshole was real good at undermining my personality and expression of self in order to force me to wear whatever he liked better, which had zero taste. What kind of monster loves taupe for […]

  • Thanksgiving Brain 2

    Okay so I thought to myself one thing… what if I use Ree Drummond’s amazing stuffing recipe and put cauliflower in it instead of bread? It’d be a soup then. I’m still on the fence about it but once I go to Sam’s Club for some chicken base, I’m in. I’ll need to get another […]

  • What’s There to Worship?

    I wonder to myself that very thing, once I catch God trying to fuck with my head again. For instance, after I called him on his hours-long lamentation about a lavender shirt with a plaid jacket [I was cold, dammit, end of mystery], I remember him saying out loud, “Whoops! She caught me!” I think […]

  • The Mountain Dragon Man (4)

    I think I found the perfect model for The Mountain Dragon Man. Now, it is time to draw and write. Some day, my labor of love will show the world what I’ve learned about life at large. There’s still more to learn — there will always be more to learn — but I think I […]

  • I’m In Love

    I saw her again tonight. The woman of my dreams. She’s literally inside my dreams. They’re not all saucy dreams, either. Last night, I dreamt of her having dinner with me. We had an excellent time and I was beyond smitten… but that’s when I realized that dream me wasn’t the real me. Instead, he […]

  • Chez Lazy / What’s For Dinner?

    If you totally missed it, you need to know I live with two elderly people who want to do nothing but watch Star Trek and, once in a while, Family Guy, sitting on their asses all day shoveling food into their mouths. My mom reads books, too. They keep buying food in bulk and bringing […]

  • A Yearning

    I don’t suppose you know what it’s like to feel someone else’s feelings? I mean, literally. They take up space inside your body and you feel exactly like they feel. It’s not sympathy, it’s worse. It’s full on empath. It’s not even empathy… you are literally feeling exactly what they are feeling. The only blessing […]