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Tag: the universe

  • I’m Asking Too Much

    I am asking too much, as it turns out. It helps me weed out the boys from the men, truth be told. I want… need… to be married. One time. One person. If they cheat on me, I will not have the will left to carry on. I will be dead. This is the last […]

  • Dear Demetrius,

    It seems I have known you longer than I expected. I thought I’d never seen you before that September day. I never looked at anything but food most shopping trips. Fortunately, I had a friend helping me out psychically. God, I do suppose. She said, “Hey, stand right here and look at these sandwiches.” I […]

  • End of My Rope

    I scrapped the idea of Nick last year. The man never showed up. I was begging him to save me, to help me get back on track. I spent all my wakeful hours on him and my job, failing to feed myself anything but waffles. The girl dying of malnutrition/starvation would eat nothing but waffles. […]