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Tag: the one

  • The Tao, Chapter 14

    The Tao, Chapter 14 Look for it, and it can’t be seen.Listen for it, and it can’t be heard.Grasp for it, and it can’t be caught.These three cannot be further described,so we treat them as The One.It’s highest is not bright.It’s depths are not dark.Unending, unnameable, it returns to nothingness.Formless forms, and image less images,subtle,…

  • Manny & Camila [NSFW]

    Crystal didn’t expect Manny and Camila to be a happily ever after duo. She would have rooted for them every day in every way to try to prevent it, but she still had the feeling Camila was more deeply in love with Diego than she herself even realized. Sansara, Crystal’s twin spirit, was a mind-reader.…