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Tag: suicide

  • Dead On Arrival

    She was fed up. Ever since the day she went insane — which she can tell you down to the exact minute — she had not been the same. Somebody, somewhere, was fucking with her mind and she was so over it. She thought that it might be a being in outer space, but the […]

  • The Mountain Dragon Man (3)

    Hi, my name’s Sansara. I’m a telepath living on a planet in another galaxy. You’d never make it here on fossil fuels, so don’t bother trying. I’ve gone through your brain. I’ve gone through everyone’s brain. I have found you all lacking. You are mean, narcissistic, egocentric, wasteful, and a bunch of other words I’m […]

  • The Mountain Dragon Man (1)

    The Mountain Dragon Man is the title I bestow on my future husband. It sounds quite intimidating, surely, for anyone who does not even call themselves a man in their head, but I assure you that any boy can grow into a mountain, a dragon, or a man. And if he’s a very diligent boy, […]

  • I’ll Marry Odin Now, Thanks For Playing Along

    I met Odin last year in the spring time. I thought he was a mortal being here on planet Earth, but I no longer think that. I told him that I thought I needed a mate with a body. In fact, I mistook him for a human being… I mistook him for the man I […]

  • My Worth (Reprise)

    Interference blows. Every time I sit down to write about how I feel, some idiot in my head starts writing things about an existence that doesn’t seem real. I wish it was real. I wish the destroyers were well on their way and I could countdown to the destruction of our species. To the day […]

  • I Failed My Woman

    My woman is two people: a shell that is all grown up that takes care of the vessel (body) and an inner child that is imaginative and creative beyond belief. In a perfect world, the two of them would be one person, but this world is far from perfect. I love them both ever so […]

  • I still have feelings!

    Diego, Diego, Diego. How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t care. I told you to choose a woman and get it over with. Oh, but that’s not what you meant! The girl you accidentally raped (and then tried to cuddle better) in college suicided and you’re at fault! You still have […]

  • Hot As Hell [NSFW]

    She sat there, sweating even though she hadn’t moved in over an hour. Fans blew air around her apartment languidly. The heat was unshakable. Her back still ached, despite all her muscle knots releasing thanks to the humid air surrounding her. She sighed, telling herself winter was only six months away. That’s all. She stretched […]

  • The Legend of Daryas

    This could have been me, so listen up. My name is Daryas. I’m 41 years of age and an alcoholic. I love beer. Pretty much any kind of beer but my favorite kind is pale ale. I drink a six pack every day, just about, but I’m trying to taper off to quitting. One thing […]

  • There Is A War Inside Me

    I’m an idiot. I spend years cultivating playlists and then like it didn’t take any effort, I just delete the fucking things. I’m ready to kill myself, that much is plain to see. I’ve been hemorrhaging things to Goodwill all week. I call it cleaning, but I always give away too much. I get sick […]