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Tag: substance

  • The Tao, Chapter 43

    The Tao, Chapter 43 That which offers no resistance,overcomes the hardest substances.That which offers no resistancecan enter where there is no space.Few in the world can comprehendthe teaching without words,or understand the value of non-action. — Translated by J. H. McDonald

  • The Tao, Chapter 40

    The Tao, Chapter 40 All movement returns to the Tao.Weakness is how the Tao works. All of creation is born from substance.Substance is born of nothing-ness. — Translated by J. H. McDonald

  • The Tao, Chapter 28

    The Tao, Chapter 28 Know the masculine,but keep to the feminine:and become a watershed to the world.If you embrace the world,the Tao will never leave youand you become as a little child. Know the white,yet keep to the black:be a model for the world.If you are a model for the world,the Tao inside you will…

  • The Tao, Chapter 11

    The Tao, Chapter 11 Thirty spokes are joined together in a wheel,but it is the center holethat allows the wheel to function.We mold clay into a pot,but it is the emptiness insidethat makes the vessel useful.We fashion wood for a house,but it is the emptiness insidethat makes it livable.We work with the substantial,but the emptiness…