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Tag: soul sight

  • Night Coffee

    Our compromise is a late night coffee with fake sugar in it. It’s absolutely not pie. We got the garbage out while we were brewing a fresh half pot. Apparently, being in the hospital is an excuse to not do the garbage. He did it last time he got out of the hospital the same […]

  • “A Day In The Life Of”

    I wake up alone. I’ve tossed and turned all night, rolling around with discomfort. My bladder reminds me that it needs to be emptied, but I lie there, semi-comfortable at last. I cling to the vestiges of sleep, wishing it could last forever. I look at the clock, remembering it’s set an hour ahead somehow […]

  • A Strange Dream

    I woke up today to a strange dream. I’d gone to the grocery store – Wegmans, I think – and was trying to check out via self-checkout (which I rarely use.) For some reason, all the things in my cart were already in bags and all the bag handles were tied in knots, so I […]

  • Reprise: I’m a ‘Stalker’

    I got off-topic last entry so I’ll try again. There is this guy in the grocery store that I see once in a month or so, at random. One of the times I saw him — September of last year — he caught me staring at his back. He turned around and our eyes met, […]

  • Reboot

    I’ve decided to reboot my life. I lost my job anyway due to an illness I cannot explain because nobody wants to take me seriously enough to explain it through testing. I am alone, trying to figure out my health issues. I am alone in all ways, but this is normal for me. I have […]

  • Crystal’s Dark Comedy #1

    You can hear this episode in podcast format here. A little voice inside of me says that I’m being stalked by a cute boy from the grocery store. Another little voice inside me says I’m stalking the cute boy from the grocery store. I mean, he’s cute, but he’s not jail cute. I don’t think […]