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Tag: save the bees

  • New Year, New You

    “Let’s have a coffee chat,” God suggests. Crystal screams, “NO! You bastard! I have something much more important to write.” It’s a great time to make some resolutions to be a better person. I think the majority of Americans are making a resolution to lose weight right now, and they will shame themselves in about […]

  • Asshole Tax

    The man with grey eyes is on my brain today. After at least one week of reprieve, I am now hearing him all over again inside my mind. I wish the things I heard were reality, but I’m sure they’re not. Why would a man I’ve never held a conversation with think about me? Especially […]

  • I am the Code Cracker.

    Reality is written in code. She gives you a moment to process your Matrix “whoa.” Everything — absolutely everything — revolves around unwritten rules. Before we knew what to call Gravity, we interacted with it every day. In fact, it’s friend in chief is Entropy, which we can observe as a small child tears a […]

  • Radio Silence

    I was listening to a local station and it went silent for over ten minutes. I was kind of surprised… usually the only hiccup in their programming is replaying the same song once midnight rolls around. (I find this an amusing bug in their system… whatever was on when it strikes midnight repeats once the […]

  • God Wants to Move Out

    I feel resigned to taking care of my ancient ones. I have no real choice as I struggle to make it back on my feet. I nearly died, and now, two years later, I’m not that much better off. My brain works better than it used to, but I cannot focus on much of anything […]

  • Cinnamon toast

    I regret not hitting up the grocery store at the 11th hour. (Literally, it was 11:00 in the evening and I thought about taking a trip for a few sundries, but God assured me that tomorrow is a better day. A day where some deli men will be looking around, I guess. As if I […]

  • Silver Fox/Tattooed Dragon Man

    Good evening, dear sir. I first laid eyes upon you a few months ago in the food court of the mall. I had just walked in from the outdoors, as it were, and I stood still for no reason at all other than God telling me to. That’s when you walked past me, probably exiting […]

  • In Between Girlfriends

    “Won’t you ever forgive me?” he asked me. I stared at him in disbelief. Before I knew it, my upper lip curled in disgust. I couldn’t help myself… the man left me for dead. He abandoned me in my hour of need. “No!” I said resolutely. His face fell, his countenance expressing his dismay and […]

  • Farming Sim: Summer

    How do I know God isn’t a mere mortal man? Well, he tells me what the weather will be next month. I doubt anyone can really do that accurately. Not on Earth itself. If they could, they would know we are fucked, in a word. I dunno what possessed me to make this farm. Oh, […]

  • Bee Happy

    I’ve been eating honey here and there lately, hoping it would cure any ulcers I’ve obtained. I have some, and it does help. I thank the bees every time I squirt some of my raw honey onto food or into a drink. I like them best over nuts, especially since Cheerios are cross-contaminated with cocoa, […]