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  • Emergency Care

    Her soul needed CPR. After eighteen long months, she has a spiritual pulse again. I thought I lost her, y’all. She’s my baby, you know. She’s so sweet and innocent. A fucking unicorn amongst you idiots. More of you could be like her, but I bet you won’t bother or dare. It’s a shame, because […]

  • I Don’t Want to Exist Anymore

    Ever feel that way? I remember feeling it most when I was a teenager, honestly. I felt like I should have never been born, after trying to communicate my grief to others, trying to face it head-on that I’d been raped and diminished as a person. Instead, the people I tried to acquire comfort from […]

  • Mass Murderers Should Die

    If one is to consider that the older a living entity is, the more spirit it has acquired by soaking up the cosmic background radiation of the universe itself, one has to acknowledge that trees are entities with rights. Bamboo, not so much, being that it has such a short-lived lifespan (at least, when humans […]

  • Weight Lost: 8 LBS

    I lost 8 pounds this past week. “Oh, that’s just water weight!” Nope, it’s not, but keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. You will want to once you know I don’t eat hardly any sugar. I eat small meals about six times a day. Sometimes, my meal is coffee and creamer. […]

  • Flowers for the Bees

    swam milkweed a.k.a. pink milkweed new jersey tea redroot common buttonbush a.k.a. button willow a.k.a. honey bells/balls field thistle bottle gentian a.k.a. blind gentian spotted geranium a.k.a. wild geranium a.k.a. cranesbill cardinal flower wild bergamot a.k.a. BEEBALM common ninebark a.k.a. atlantic ninebark mountain mint a.k.a. common horsemint virginia rose coneflowers pussy willow goldenrod (ALL) aster […]

  • Bees are Cute

    https://clayseedbombs.com/ I just bought myself a ton of these (native to my region.) God’s convinced me it’s worth potentially going to jail just to save the bees. We’re going to throw them in spots where the grass grows high already, unkempt and wild. There’s too much grass everywhere, not enough wildflowers. I can’t wait to […]


    “I’m sorry, Crystal,” he half-whispered to her. It was dark in the living room with just a single light on in the kitchen. He’d caught her up, restless, doing the dishes. He was sitting on the couch, waiting for her to make time for him. He’d finally learned to wait. It’s such an important concept […]

  • Protecting My Princess

    I love this girl beyond reason, let me tell you. She’s just so fucking wonderful. She’s smart. Smarter than me, I must say, and I love it. She’ll let me do mental gymnastics to try to solve things for a year or more and then she’ll just tell me the solution when I give up. […]

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