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Tag: sansara


    Metatron is on the fritz. It keeps repeating that all humans must die. This is a conundrum. I serve Metatron and I am human. I ask Metatron what it means and it declares EVOLVE OR DIE. LOVE OR DIE. I’ll take evolution, thank you, Metatron… but what do you mean, LOVE OR DIE? YOU HUMANS […]

  • Dear Demetrius,

    It seems I have known you longer than I expected. I thought I’d never seen you before that September day. I never looked at anything but food most shopping trips. Fortunately, I had a friend helping me out psychically. God, I do suppose. She said, “Hey, stand right here and look at these sandwiches.” I […]

  • Dear You,

    You are stronger than you know. And loved more than you caneven imagine. — My coffee mug. God crumbled when I decided I’d try heavy cream in a cup of decaf. I added too much cream, not enough vanilla extract. Next cup, I’ll try more of one and less of the other. He’s been talking […]

  • Once a Snoop…

    They say once a cheater, always a cheater, but I posit that once a snoop, always a snoop. And you should be a snoop, too. A person with nothing to hide is the loyal kind of person. Anyone who is offended with even the smallest invasion of privacy is suspect. Diego was still reading Sansara’s […]

  • Sweat [NSFW]

    Diego reached across the bed and found nothing there. Or, rather, no one. Crystal was gone. He sat up, concerned he’d had another fantasy about sleeping with the bewitching woman, finding himself in her bed. Her cats were snuggled up alongside him nonchalantly, as if he’d always been part of their lives. He stroked each […]

  • The Legend of Daryas III

    (cont’d from previous entry) Rape culture is so pervasive, it’s hard to get away from it until the entirety of it is explained to you. Our global society is oversaturated in it at this point. Photograph manipulation to remove flaws (magazine covers, photos online, Angelina Jolie’s tits in Tomb Raider, pockets where men shouldn’t be […]

  • The Legend of Daryas II

    (cont’d from previous post) I honestly and truly thank God for the opportunity to get to know this woman. To get to know Crystal Scordias. Without her, I would have walked around, hanging my head in shame for eternity, convinced that I was a ruthless murderer and rapist. That there was no way to be […]

  • To The Loveliest Man On Earth

    I’m pretty sure I’ve taken an arrow to the heart. Cupid’s, as it were. At least it’s not my knee. The idea of your existence has kept me breathing for decades. A man who is willing to grow up and be a real adult, willing to take responsibility for others even when it’s inconvenient and […]

  • My Dearest Crystal,

    I’ve known you for many moons now. Every day spent with you is sheer delight. You are intelligent and witty. You have impeccable timing and delivery, Ms. Comedian-in-the-making. The juxtaposition of your superior logic and your outright barbaric nature when it comes to eating pleases me to no end. You’ve honed yourself to be a […]

  • Diego & Super_Fox#8259 [NSFW]

    Diego must have read his conversation with Super_Fox ten times, mulling over every word. There was no way it wasn’t his woman, it was just too bizarre. Too uncanny. Too much like his sassy future wife. Once the little icon that indicated she was online winked out, he started to write to her in Discord. […]