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Tag: sansara

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

    God tells me the deli men miss me. I’m like, “Wait! HOLD UP! Men? As in more than one?” That’s exactly what I’m saying, Sansara. Men. Thousands of men daydream about you being in their arms. But, they don’t daydream being in love with you. That’s why we never go anywhere or meet anyone. That’s […]

  • The Mountain Dragon Man (3)

    Hi, my name’s Sansara. I’m a telepath living on a planet in another galaxy. You’d never make it here on fossil fuels, so don’t bother trying. I’ve gone through your brain. I’ve gone through everyone’s brain. I have found you all lacking. You are mean, narcissistic, egocentric, wasteful, and a bunch of other words I’m […]

  • The Mountain Dragon Man (2)

    If we were to categorize life logically, we human beings have approximately 100 years to do everything we ever dreamed of. If we break that down into decades, we’d have ten of them. If each decade is how you judged yourself, looking at your progress from one to the next, perhaps you would see for […]

  • Lessons in Love (1)

    A serious dissing song if I ever heard one. This is not an example of love. It’s hate… but it’s so catchy. And it reminds you of every asshole who ever took advantage of you somewhere in the song, doesn’t it? I thought of it because I’m eating cake. And it’s catchy. (Doo bee doooooo.) […]

  • The Real Deal (Good Vibes 6)

    It’s for the blind. The words underneath things to describe them. (Shout out to anyone blind reading me. I love you and I’m sorry for my penchant of using words that aren’t real.) So I’m supposed to believe some dude in a deli sits around thinking about me, whether he’s working or not. How preposterous […]

  • Matchmaker

    My dad just admitted to me that he wants to play matchmaker. To set me up with a guy who won’t treat me terribly. As if he’d know. As if you can know any man’s romantic side without being on the other side of them in a romantic relationship. Even the quiet, shy ones can […]

  • A Strange Dream

    I woke up today to a strange dream. I’d gone to the grocery store – Wegmans, I think – and was trying to check out via self-checkout (which I rarely use.) For some reason, all the things in my cart were already in bags and all the bag handles were tied in knots, so I […]

  • A Day In The Life Of

    Sansara awoke many times throughout the day. She’d fallen asleep when she full well meant to stay awake. That was happening a lot these days. She was fighting cancer, after all, and it was taking its toll on her body. It was shortly after dawn that the vixen had nodded off. She’d been doing yoga […]

  • Metatron Is Displeased

    Sansara returned and saw that Daniel was still diligently attempting to repair the robot, Metatron. “Can I be of service?” she asked coquettishly. She was an imp in comparison to Crystal. A shit-disturber. But, she was also insightful from time to time. She loved a good joke and she loved it even more when she […]

  • 100 Compliments/48 Hours

    Nice shoes. Are they made of recycled leather? You’re a person-shaped person! It’s really phenomenal. Your eyes are as deep as pools. You look great today! I love it when my hair stands up straight on end. You’re an extremely bright cookie. The Cookie Monster would choose you first. You have impeccable manners. The G.O.D. […]