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Tag: sams club

  • French Onion Soup & Reubens

    Dinner was delicious today. I double-toasted my Carbonaught gluten-free bread to make it most like regular toast, threw some roast beef slices on it, and some sauerkraut and called it a day for me. For my mom, I added the Thousand Island signature dressing for the Reuben. I can’t eat that part, so I omitted […]

  • Le Tired

    Today has been a whirlwind. It has left me tired. I was on my feet in the kitchen all day, making endless foodstuffs. I didn’t finish with this week’s menu, so I’ll be back tomorrow… if I can stand up in the morning, anyway. I made beef stew (and had it with toast for dinner), […]

  • He calls himself “Rat Face”

    I asked him to stop calling himself that. He can’t hear me, I’m way at the back of his mind, buried under daily bullshit and active thinking. I feel sad about that… because I rather like him. When he’s not busy putting himself down and he’s instead a hopeful creature, he imagines dancing with me. […]