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Tag: reality

  • Fantasy vs. Reality | Custard

    Okay, the recipe I created yesterday… I think it needs to be doubled. I made it and only half of it is the creamy solid I envisioned. In the world of romance, most people fantasize about something. Anything. They daydream the perfect mate, the perfect date, the perfect this, the perfect that. Then they meet […]

  • Diego Dreams [NSFW]

    Diego woke with a start as his phone rang next to his head. He rubbed his eyes with one hand while the other sought his phone. Damn, he thought. It was just a dream! And he thought the super babe subletting him a room was all about him in it, too. He sat up when […]

  • Have You Met the Mountain?

    [Minor Profanity Warning] I have been taught a form of shamanism — or perhaps it’s just a crazy dude’s interpretation of reality — since I was seven years old. Native American shamanism. I do not know what tribe it comes from, but I know there are more than three tribes in me. The ones I […]

  • How To Handle Bullies

    “Funny how we make serious faces and act bold when we bleed so much. We bleed and we can’t hide.” – (unknown) These words are from a young woman who has been bullied and thinks that she has to accept it in perpetuity. I presume she feels trapped in her misery and cannot leave it […]