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Tag: ptsd

  • American Singles Awareness Day #1: Thanksgiving

    You could have gone from the day after Valentine’s to Halloween single and not been as keenly aware of it as you would be on (US) Thanksgiving. I don’t know if this rings true for Canadian Thanksgiving, so forgive my ignorance. Today is a day of gluttony. We will eat until we cannot move, we […]

  • The Mountain Dragon Man (4)

    I think I found the perfect model for The Mountain Dragon Man. Now, it is time to draw and write. Some day, my labor of love will show the world what I’ve learned about life at large. There’s still more to learn — there will always be more to learn — but I think I […]

  • The Stats Say We Are In A Void

    I know for a fact that WordPress is fucking with my stats, so it looks like nobody is reading my blog. I know this because I can link a video in my blog and the playlist or video will increase by ~110 hits. Not every reader is going to follow a link, either. I imagine […]

  • Processing…

    Stuck on something? Been reading a book or articles for days to understand something and your brain just screams, “STOP!” by unfocusing your eyes in the middle of a paragraph? It’s time to take a constructive break. “Yeah, but how do I do that, Sansara?” I’m so glad you asked, Internet. You need to do […]

  • A Beginning? (Good Vibes #1)

    Poignant video, Mr. Teahan. I opened up YouTube to start listening to my epic playlist and, hopefully, make it a smoother transition from one song to the next. What I found was a 37 minute video about childhood trauma that really hit the nail on the head for me today. I’ve been at war with […]

  • I still have feelings!

    Diego, Diego, Diego. How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t care. I told you to choose a woman and get it over with. Oh, but that’s not what you meant! The girl you accidentally raped (and then tried to cuddle better) in college suicided and you’re at fault! You still have […]

  • My Lady… I’m Sorry.

    Sir Deli Man kissed the back of her hand just then. “Honey, I’m not trying to upset you. I understand you’ve heard all these lies before because nobody meant them when they said them to you the first time you’ve heard them.” He was gazing into her soul this time, having learned how to see […]

  • Once a Snoop…

    They say once a cheater, always a cheater, but I posit that once a snoop, always a snoop. And you should be a snoop, too. A person with nothing to hide is the loyal kind of person. Anyone who is offended with even the smallest invasion of privacy is suspect. Diego was still reading Sansara’s […]

  • Sweat [NSFW]

    Diego reached across the bed and found nothing there. Or, rather, no one. Crystal was gone. He sat up, concerned he’d had another fantasy about sleeping with the bewitching woman, finding himself in her bed. Her cats were snuggled up alongside him nonchalantly, as if he’d always been part of their lives. He stroked each […]

  • I Found The Cure For Cancer

    God’s a brat (and so am I.) What a day! I am currently grateful for Clorox bleach products. The mess I’ve inherited is so difficult to clean up that I’ve been spraying Clorox products on the bathroom tile and just leaving, letting it do its magic to whiten the grout and remove stains. I’ve almost […]