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Tag: psychopathy

  • Got Sanity? I’m Buying.

    Every day is a new set of lies. Do normal people live with this shit? I hope not. It makes life stupid amounts of confusing. If your life stopped making sense, chances are you’re surrounded by lying sacks of shit. I’m sorry. You’d think understanding that being a human being is to be flawed inherently, […]

  • My Worth, Take Three

    What God really wants you to know, children of Eden, is that you’re unworthy of life at this time. You are failing to live with your surroundings, you are failing to tend to the garden. You are failing to thrive alongside the animals that feed you, the plants that feed you. You’ve tamed everything in […]

  • Play That Funky Music, White Girl

    I’m nuts and so is everyone else, I’ve decided. I’ve been hearing things inside my head, telling me what’s happening in situations where I have zero knowledge of the situation. For instance, I don’t actually know if Anthony cheated on me. Not until we separated, anyway, and then he was only cheating because he thought […]

  • She Withdraws [NSFW]

    TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE Sansara was embarrassed with herself. She couldn’t believe her lack of self-control regarding Diego. She hoped to Hell that he couldn’t hear her from the couch. She was trying to be quiet but she definitively failed. She knew he was flirting with her, but she didn’t feel like repeating the Ben experience. […]

  • Showing Daniel His Room Max tugged on his leash, trying to break free to explore on his own. Daniel commanded him to sit and stay. He really didn’t know what was getting into his mutt. Just as he opened his mouth to ask he saw a cat tower nearby, which Max was staring at because there was a […]

  • How to Hurt a Telepath

    Jerome is being adamant that I am a telepath again. I don’t agree with him one bit. If I knew how to read minds, I would never miss out on groceries at the store. I’d always know exactly what I should buy to replenish the coffers. I would know what my ancient ones want to […]

  • Thought Swimming

    [Profanity Warning] I saw a man with Down Syndrome (presumably) at the supermarket the other day. He gave me the most brilliant happy smile. I couldn’t help but smile back! I stepped outside of my comfort zone, too. I said, “Hi” as I passed him in the deli. He was wearing a sunshine yellow shirt […]

  • Dear Sir Deli Man,

    [Profanity Warning] I’d like to think I’ve gotten to know you this past year and a half. I know we haven’t said a word to each other in the real and I consider that, as well. I’ve decided to discontinue my fear for negative repercussion and simply dive in to a puddle of thought. I’ve […]

  • Confessions of a Goth Girl

    Hi. My name is Crystal and I’m a Goth. What does Goth mean? There are many interpretations, though denotatively speaking, it’s an architectural era. Many use it to refer to having an affinity for the Victorian social period in England. I use it to imply I love all things black and silver. Basically. When I […]

  • The Holy Bible, PT 2

    I read more than half of the King James Version of The Holy Bible last year. So many people seem to identify in faith as Christian that I was curious what was actually in that text. I was looking for some sort of higher meaning or purpose to life, I must admit. I’ve heard that […]