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Tag: psycho boy ben

  • I Feel Like a Narcissist

    [Profanity warning] Le sigh. Probably every few months or so, I get around to thinking I’m a narcissist. I’m not sure why I go in circles on this topic. I was convinced of it when I dated my psycho ex, actually… I consider it to be possible with my strange duality, but the truth of […]

  • Sticks and Stones

    (Please read this blog post for context.) Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. FALSE. After my psychopathic ex lied to me about getting himself another girlfriend in order to coerce me into a threesome (which didn’t work, might I add), he convinced my best friend to defend him. […]

  • The Truth About Lying

    First, I should recap my view of lies: A liar either believes I’m too immature to handle the truth or that they can fool me 100% of the time for the rest of eternity. Lying is an underhanded attempt at trying to seem perfect to other people (or yourself), while we all know we are […]

  • What to do about autism? It seems to me that neurotypical humans have decided that autism an affliction. To be different is a sin, that’s the subtext I receive, even though I don’t believe in sins or God. It’s just plain wrong. But why? Why is it wrong to be different? Can’t I lend a different perspective to the […]

  • New Concept: Open Therapy

    I signed up for to try to get some online therapy. I’ve got this nagging inner voice that is very masculine in nature and definitely not me that just won’t quit most of the time. I signed up, explained where I am in life, and started blogging. I paid $260.00 for a month’s worth […]

  • Crystal’s Dark Comedy #1

    You can hear this episode in podcast format here. A little voice inside of me says that I’m being stalked by a cute boy from the grocery store. Another little voice inside me says I’m stalking the cute boy from the grocery store. I mean, he’s cute, but he’s not jail cute. I don’t think […]