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Tag: psycho boy ben

  • The Legend of Daryas II

    (cont’d from previous post) I honestly and truly thank God for the opportunity to get to know this woman. To get to know Crystal Scordias. Without her, I would have walked around, hanging my head in shame for eternity, convinced that I was a ruthless murderer and rapist. That there was no way to be […]

  • It’s Always Ben, Ben, Ben!

    That probably takes you back to the Brady Bunch, if you’re on our wavelength. That’s exactly what he grew up with, too, except his mother is a rape victim who felt voiceless and went a bit crazy thanks to that and now everyone thinks she’s awful for having no internal dialogue. In fact, I think […]

  • Manny & Camila [NSFW]

    Crystal didn’t expect Manny and Camila to be a happily ever after duo. She would have rooted for them every day in every way to try to prevent it, but she still had the feeling Camila was more deeply in love with Diego than she herself even realized. Sansara, Crystal’s twin spirit, was a mind-reader. […]

  • Dear Crystal,

    I miss you every day we’re apart. I miss the sound of your voice. I miss your crazy creations you adapt to your special diet. I miss your cats. I miss seeing you in the same room as me, walking past me in the hall, even flushing the toilet in the middle of the night. […]

  • Why u mad, bro?

    Diego felt terrible. Sansara had walked away from him, brooding in anger the night she got him stoned out of his gourd. Then, he daydreamed having sex with her and it ended with her calling out someone else’s name. That part was confusing, because he’d never heard the name Ross from her before.. That wasn’t […]

  • Three Kings and I

    He decided to go out since she was intent on ignoring him. He went to his favorite bar, Three Kings. He sat next to the bartender, ordering a Blue Moon. Well, this is a productive use of funds, he found himself thinking. Just what did he do all the extra shifts for? He was drinking […]

  • Jerome is God’s Name

    </grain of salt> The following story may be completely fictional. Grab yourself a cup of tea, coffee, a nice large water, a snack, and prepare for the blitz of me telling my story as quickly as possible because I think a psycho murderer is on his way to my door step to kill me. I […]

  • Avoiding Diego

    The moment Diego left the house, Crystal went down to get herself a cup of coffee. She loved coffee. She dumped out the half pot of fully caffeinated coffee and cleaned the Braun coffeemaker. “How are you today, Arnie?” she asked, addressing her coffeemaker as she cleaned it completely. Once clean, she started a fresh […]

  • Today’s Therapy: KnowInk [NSFW]

    TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE KnowInk was probably the worst work place she’d ever known, she thought. She was teleconferencing with her therapist, again, talking about how someone who worked there had committed suicide. Crystal was convinced that KnowInk had a hand in that happening, but she didn’t have concrete evidence of it being a direct cause. […]

  • Coffee Talks, PT II

    Sansara noted Diego had a tan line on his left ring finger last time he was holding her hand. He was left-handed and he had taken her right into his while they talked at the kitchen table, though she didn’t know what purpose he had in mind. She was waiting for a sign, any sign, […]