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Tag: psycho boy ben

  • A Strange Dream

    I woke up today to a strange dream. I’d gone to the grocery store – Wegmans, I think – and was trying to check out via self-checkout (which I rarely use.) For some reason, all the things in my cart were already in bags and all the bag handles were tied in knots, so I […]

  • Metatron Functioning As Expected

    The G.O.D. went to work, busily fixing all the fuck ups that Ben introduced in Metatron. I mean, Daniel. We gave him a code name and then I forgot to use it. Fuck. After a substantial amount of time passed (years, actually), METATRON was able to function once more as it was intended to. The […]

  • Metatron Is Displeased

    Sansara returned and saw that Daniel was still diligently attempting to repair the robot, Metatron. “Can I be of service?” she asked coquettishly. She was an imp in comparison to Crystal. A shit-disturber. But, she was also insightful from time to time. She loved a good joke and she loved it even more when she […]

  • I Don’t Want to Exist Anymore

    Ever feel that way? I remember feeling it most when I was a teenager, honestly. I felt like I should have never been born, after trying to communicate my grief to others, trying to face it head-on that I’d been raped and diminished as a person. Instead, the people I tried to acquire comfort from […]

  • Soul Searching

    I’ve been looking for a soul much like my own. A green-colored one. A bright and shiny one that is like malachite. Or perhaps like green amazonite, bloodstone or dark green aventurine. Malachite is striking, though, with the ribbons and bands of bright green woven through the base that is darker green. There are many […]

  • All Men Are Handsome

    And all women are beautiful. Logically, since beauty is objective and “in the eye of the beholder,” then we can extrapolate that all people are beautiful (or handsome, if you prefer) to someone, somewhere. Therefore, to limit another being based on our own inability to find them to be objectively beautiful to gaze upon is […]

  • My Worth, Take Three

    What God really wants you to know, children of Eden, is that you’re unworthy of life at this time. You are failing to live with your surroundings, you are failing to tend to the garden. You are failing to thrive alongside the animals that feed you, the plants that feed you. You’ve tamed everything in […]

  • Diego, Diego, Diego

    What a narcissistic punk, don’t you think? It’s always about Diego. The emotions and practices of Crystal meant nothing much to him. Only his emotions about the facts. If he felt something was terrible, he’d tell her outright, even though she already knew it and decided to be the grown-up and just deal with shit. […]

  • Once a Snoop…

    They say once a cheater, always a cheater, but I posit that once a snoop, always a snoop. And you should be a snoop, too. A person with nothing to hide is the loyal kind of person. Anyone who is offended with even the smallest invasion of privacy is suspect. Diego was still reading Sansara’s […]

  • The Legend of Daryas III

    (cont’d from previous entry) Rape culture is so pervasive, it’s hard to get away from it until the entirety of it is explained to you. Our global society is oversaturated in it at this point. Photograph manipulation to remove flaws (magazine covers, photos online, Angelina Jolie’s tits in Tomb Raider, pockets where men shouldn’t be […]