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Tag: nick

  • She’s Primed to Go Nova

    She is, yep. She’s going to break any time now. My poor little baby girl. We’ve all adopted her from out here in outer space, taking breaks and passing the baton back and forth to keep her going. She can’t move all of her body by herself, so one of us helps her do that […]

  • The Verdict Is In.

    Last night, I laid in bed, by myself again. I recall God saying something like “Let the record show…” He was talking about marking Nick’s record with the fact that, given the chance (and impetus) to apologize to me (for making my life utter hell for years), he markedly refused without a second thought. He […]

  • True Love

    Thank you, bearded fellow standing at the Meals 2Go line today around dinner time. You smiled just because you saw me, it seemed like, so I am grateful. Thank you. That is a taste of true love, right there. That’s something I need in my life, I’ve decided. Forget all these serious-faced deli men who […]

  • When’s Dinner?

    “When I can get up again, silly,” Crystal said, replying to God. She was being admonished ever so slightly for her self-neglect. It was a pattern in her very core, something God couldn’t really program out of her (nor did She wish to, it’s what made her darling child so darling, you see.) “I know […]

  • Special (Good Vibes 5)

    Yup, still listening to my own playlist. I’m checking the flow, but honestly, it just kind of fades into the background on me. It’s really useful in silencing those voices that plague me. So is shouting at them, but that literally disturbs other people constantly and makes them upset. It’s because they don’t know what […]

  • Where Salt Goes, Water Follows

    Is that why tears are salty, she wonders? Why do we cry? What’s the point? After being called Crybaby Crystal about a dozen times, she vowed to give up crying. To toughen up. To keep the bullies from bullying her. It worked, but at what cost? My tender angel died for the first time in […]

  • “A Day In The Life Of” (Cont’d)

    She met her goals for the day, wouldn’t you know. All but one: making the elusive donut waffle. It’s not that she didn’t have the reagents on hand. Far from it: she had conjure at least 100 waffles, she’d wager. There was something else holding her back. It wasn’t Sir Deli Man – perish the […]

  • A Day In The Life Of

    Sansara awoke many times throughout the day. She’d fallen asleep when she full well meant to stay awake. That was happening a lot these days. She was fighting cancer, after all, and it was taking its toll on her body. It was shortly after dawn that the vixen had nodded off. She’d been doing yoga […]

  • Shame

    My shame stems from failure. My ego said everything was right. It said we couldn’t fail. It said he loved us. It said he was the real deal. It said I wouldn’t be happier with anyone else. It said a lot of things. Between that and my selfish desire to share my feelings, I went […]