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Tag: negative vibration

  • Bugs In My Hair

    There are still gnats buzzing all around me. How very annoying. -_-* I’m afraid my ancient ones are about to die. They look old. Worn out. They already act dead, pushing all the chores to ensure living takes place onto me. Cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, laundry. But they won’t just give me the deed to…

  • Emergency Care

    Her soul needed CPR. After eighteen long months, she has a spiritual pulse again. I thought I lost her, y’all. She’s my baby, you know. She’s so sweet and innocent. A fucking unicorn amongst you idiots. More of you could be like her, but I bet you won’t bother or dare. It’s a shame, because…

  • How To Handle Bullies

    “Funny how we make serious faces and act bold when we bleed so much. We bleed and we can’t hide.” – (unknown) Your emotions are valid. Your voice matters. You do not deserve oppression. Your feelings matter! Your thoughts matter!

  • No Noose is Good Noose

    Our stuff is supposed to arrive tomorrow. The stuff we lost five months ago in some sort of moving faux pas. I don’t have the money orders anymore to pay them with and it’s Saturday. I do hope they’ll take a debit card instead or even my credit card. They’re just going to have to…