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Tag: narcissism

  • His Eyes, Doth They Deceive Him?

    He saw her again, he thought. A brief glimpse of her, anyway. A mass of messy hair — what color was it? Hard to say, it was so brief. It almost looked ash gray to him. Old. A color an old person would have in their hair. How old was she? At the same time, […]

  • I Get What I Want

    Diego looked up at Joe while washing his hands. He barely heard Joe’s complaint about how Diego’s return to the delicatessen changed his schedule. He now came in two hours later than he used to, which was definitely not optimal for him. He was still searching for a woman to call his own and most […]

  • Telepathy, Take 4

    A song comes on the radio, a particularly sad one. I start crying and blubbering apologies to myself because assholes from my previous life are finally sorry for my near death experience. I guess shit got serious when I ghosted all of them. I hear hypothetical chit-chat in my head all day between some guy […]

  • The Key To Happiness

    “Does he like me? What do they think about me? I hate that guy, he always cuts me off when I’m trying to talk!” Do these kinds of thoughts sound familiar? STOP! Right where you are! I don’t care where you are, unless it’s the middle of the street — then keep moving. But the […]

  • Narcissism Stands The Test of Time

    I remember the man I fell in love with first rather vividly. I thought I was so lucky. He was handsome and lovely and we did everything together… except now I know that’s quite unhealthy and he was creating codependency in me. His mental illness defeated him. It hurt me and scarred me deeply, too. […]

  • Lessons in Love (1)

    A serious dissing song if I ever heard one. This is not an example of love. It’s hate… but it’s so catchy. And it reminds you of every asshole who ever took advantage of you somewhere in the song, doesn’t it? I thought of it because I’m eating cake. And it’s catchy. (Doo bee doooooo.) […]

  • Shopping For A Husband

    Accepting reality is where it’s at. You know, I wake up sometimes and God says to me, “Look at that hair! It’s perfect! You don’t even have bed head!” And I say… nothing. Thanks for the compliment, bro. I needed it for a while… after my last run-in with a narcissistic bastard who made me […]

  • When It Doesn’t Fit

    I can hear the Deli Man now in my head: “What about me?!” Well, I didn’t forget you, but I don’t know anything else about you. I’d be your #1 fangirl if you let me. For the rest of your life, actually. But, if you don’t want that, tell me already so I can nip […]

  • Where Salt Goes, Water Follows

    Is that why tears are salty, she wonders? Why do we cry? What’s the point? After being called Crybaby Crystal about a dozen times, she vowed to give up crying. To toughen up. To keep the bullies from bullying her. It worked, but at what cost? My tender angel died for the first time in […]

  • I’m Asking Too Much

    I am asking too much, as it turns out. It helps me weed out the boys from the men, truth be told. I want… need… to be married. One time. One person. If they cheat on me, I will not have the will left to carry on. I will be dead. This is the last […]