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Tag: mold toxicity

  • I Wish I Had A Partner

    I found an absolute treasure trove today. Abandoned antique furniture on the road side. I’m so agitated; I want to put it all inside my car, one trip at a time, and move it from that place to my place. I need furniture; the fact that it’s antique is just a bonus. And it’s in […]

  • Cinnamon toast

    I regret not hitting up the grocery store at the 11th hour. (Literally, it was 11:00 in the evening and I thought about taking a trip for a few sundries, but God assured me that tomorrow is a better day. A day where some deli men will be looking around, I guess. As if I […]

  • No Coffee Day

    Today is a no coffee day. The suffering is real. I’m not even out of coffee. Or creamer. I really just drink coffee as an excuse to drink creamer. But it’s got sugar in it, and I know sugar is bad for me. It causes cancer. The internet says otherwise, but I know the truth. […]

  • Mass Suicide

    “Death by Chocolate.” That phrase applies to my near-death experience. I went on keto, doing it all the wrong ways, no thanks to my primary care physician. I suspect I’m allergic to chocolate, but even if I’m not… I’d wager a million dollars I don’t even have that it’s chock full of mold. The world […]

  • The Mall

    I have decided that since I feel like a child, I’ll act like one, too. That means some mandatory mall rat moments, I think. I have never been a mall rat in a previous lifetime; my family was below poverty line half my upbringing. It was too much gas money to spend just to take […]