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Tag: michael

  • Intermission

    Coffee is my ambrosia, I swear it. Too bad it doesn’t have a bunch of nutrients in it to keep me alive. I’ll have to make some food of some sort, I suppose. I like it better when God calls down one of the deceased to help me make my lunch. I remember last year, […]

  • Fighting the War

    Sansara looked at herself, worried. She checked her health markers in the mirror. Her eyes were bloodshot. Her teeth were yellow. Her hair was a mess. Her skin was dull and scaly on her forehead. Her nails were brittle and broke easily. Her waist line was increasing. Her back ached and her feet hurt. Crystal, […]

  • Shopping with Michael [NSFW] Sansara watched her future man approach her car, loaded up with puppy supplies and Max on a leash. He had a lop-sided smile on his face, pleasantly surprised that she had shown up. Since he was fairly certain that she was a mind reader, he didn’t think too much of it. If he didn’t, […]

  • Fragile Fingers It was two in the afternoon when Diego received a strange text message. “I changed my mind.” That’s all it said. His heart sank. He really fucked it up this time. He’d already packed everything he was taking and put it in his ex-wife’s SUV. She was pretty mad about that, too. She was […]