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Tag: max

  • Imagining “A Day In The Life Of”

    As part of the Raise Your Vibration course, Mischaela encourages that we imagine our future. A day in the life of our future selves. So, here goes… I wake up and something alerts me to the fact that I’m not alone in my bed. It might be an arm around me or my hand touching […]

  • Sansara Supreme [NSFW]

    Daniel’s jaw dropped as Crystal walked through the front door. She just wrote a letter to him about being gone for an entire month earlier that day! What kind of game was she playing? Did she know her ex would be stopping by and causing mischief? How could she know? She was wearing clothes he’d […]

  • Shopping with Michael [NSFW] Sansara watched her future man approach her car, loaded up with puppy supplies and Max on a leash. He had a lop-sided smile on his face, pleasantly surprised that she had shown up. Since he was fairly certain that she was a mind reader, he didn’t think too much of it. If he didn’t, […]

  • Showing Daniel His Room Max tugged on his leash, trying to break free to explore on his own. Daniel commanded him to sit and stay. He really didn’t know what was getting into his mutt. Just as he opened his mouth to ask he saw a cat tower nearby, which Max was staring at because there was a […]

  • Sansara & Daniel Meet Sansara was at the end of her rope. She was sick of taking care of her parents when she herself was already sick as hell. She’d nearly died and they just didn’t take her seriously at all. She found herself signing up for Craigslist to try to find a roommate who would syndicate so […]

  • Magic in the Bedroom After sharing that magical moment, Max came to nose his way between the two humans. They smiled at the pupper, knowing he just wanted to be part of the cuddle party. “Why don’t you sit on the couch with him? I’ll be right there,” she told Diego. She wanted to put on a little […]