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Tag: marriage proposal

  • Asshole Tax

    The man with grey eyes is on my brain today. After at least one week of reprieve, I am now hearing him all over again inside my mind. I wish the things I heard were reality, but I’m sure they’re not. Why would a man I’ve never held a conversation with think about me? Especially […]

  • Dear Grocery Girl,

    It’s only been three days since we’ve made eye contact, but I miss you. I know I’ve never said hello or even told you my name, but I want to resolve that. I want to sweep you off your feet and make you my wife forever and ever, really, but I understand there are a […]

  • His Eyes, Doth They Deceive Him?

    He saw her again, he thought. A brief glimpse of her, anyway. A mass of messy hair — what color was it? Hard to say, it was so brief. It almost looked ash gray to him. Old. A color an old person would have in their hair. How old was she? At the same time, […]

  • She Wants Pie

    How many of you can drive or walk to the grocery store and pick up a pizza pie, go home, bake it, and consume it? Pizza is her death knell. Not only is it full of nightshades (paprika & tomato — especially pepperoni pie), it’s full of something else that she’s been allergic to since […]

  • Death to the Dragon Man

    Her epic performance was met with… silence. This woman made a five minute marriage proposal video (seven, actually, but who’s counting?) He didn’t talk to her for eons. So, she decided to enter the dragon’s cave, uninvited. She sent her spirit walking across the ocean to the United Kingdom, to his very door step. His […]

  • Saving a Life

    You’d think she’d run out of things to say, except they’re not her. They’re God’s things to say. I have so many. It’s really difficult to determine where to begin, honestly, because my disappointments only begin with her death. P.S.: JULIE. WE LOVE YOU!!!!! You’re the angel of mercy. Never stop being you. ❤ ❤ […]

  • Got Sanity? I’m Buying.

    Every day is a new set of lies. Do normal people live with this shit? I hope not. It makes life stupid amounts of confusing. If your life stopped making sense, chances are you’re surrounded by lying sacks of shit. I’m sorry. You’d think understanding that being a human being is to be flawed inherently, […]

  • I Failed My Woman

    My woman is two people: a shell that is all grown up that takes care of the vessel (body) and an inner child that is imaginative and creative beyond belief. In a perfect world, the two of them would be one person, but this world is far from perfect. I love them both ever so […]

  • Howdy, Neighbor (cont’d) [NSFW]

    Diego stared up at Crystal from the floor, dazed from being thrown when he least expected it. Just how strong was this woman? He was not exactly light, weighing in at two hundred pounds. She wasn’t exactly anorexic, either. He remembered the muscle definition he’d seen the day he was her doing yoga in the […]

  • Today’s Therapy: KnowInk [NSFW]

    TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE KnowInk was probably the worst work place she’d ever known, she thought. She was teleconferencing with her therapist, again, talking about how someone who worked there had committed suicide. Crystal was convinced that KnowInk had a hand in that happening, but she didn’t have concrete evidence of it being a direct cause. […]