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Tag: lying hurts my heart

  • Connection/Art

    I took a workshop today via Udemy called Connect with Colour – Using Art as a Way of Knowing. It’s about 30 minutes long. It’s one of the better freebies I’ve found on Udemy. I made a digital image full of hearts. ❤ It made me feel kind of fuzzy and good inside. It made […]

  • My Worth, Take Three

    What God really wants you to know, children of Eden, is that you’re unworthy of life at this time. You are failing to live with your surroundings, you are failing to tend to the garden. You are failing to thrive alongside the animals that feed you, the plants that feed you. You’ve tamed everything in […]

  • My Worth (Reprise)

    Interference blows. Every time I sit down to write about how I feel, some idiot in my head starts writing things about an existence that doesn’t seem real. I wish it was real. I wish the destroyers were well on their way and I could countdown to the destruction of our species. To the day […]

  • Where is my honey bunny?

    I buried her under the rubble of my own issues. My misery. I just threw it on top of her, expecting her to get out of the way in time. She doesn’t work like that. She’s shoveling the shit to get to the heart of things. What is wrong with me? That’s a great question. […]

  • In the Doghouse

    (That was fast.) Crystal’s mad at me again. Her anger comes out in mockery and ridicule. It comes out as dubiousness and even more mockery. It’s not even ill-tempered mockery. She only does this when she’s angry, that’s all. It’s a danger sign. I’m on thin ice. She’ll gut me any time with one well-placed […]

  • My Last Night On Earth? I don’t know what to say anymore. I’ve been lied to a million times by this voice in my head. It’s told me that I’m everything from the messiah to chopped liver and the points that exist between. I’ve been listening to The Invisible Man’s plan for eons and tonight he told me to […]