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Tag: love

  • To The Loveliest Man On Earth

    I’m pretty sure I’ve taken an arrow to the heart. Cupid’s, as it were. At least it’s not my knee. The idea of your existence has kept me breathing for decades. A man who is willing to grow up and be a real adult, willing to take responsibility for others even when it’s inconvenient and […]

  • My Dearest Crystal,

    I’ve known you for many moons now. Every day spent with you is sheer delight. You are intelligent and witty. You have impeccable timing and delivery, Ms. Comedian-in-the-making. The juxtaposition of your superior logic and your outright barbaric nature when it comes to eating pleases me to no end. You’ve honed yourself to be a […]

  • Diego & Super_Fox#8259 [NSFW]

    Diego must have read his conversation with Super_Fox ten times, mulling over every word. There was no way it wasn’t his woman, it was just too bizarre. Too uncanny. Too much like his sassy future wife. Once the little icon that indicated she was online winked out, he started to write to her in Discord. […]

  • Everyone’s a Rapist and I Want to Die [NSFW]

    Crystal was in a mood so black and foul, she thought she should probably decline Diego’s invitation. Maybe if she told him she wasn’t feeling mentally well, he’d be up to rescheduling the dinner. She picked up her phone and started to write a text to him, but Sansara stopped her. “Crystal, don’t cancel this […]

  • Manny & Camila [NSFW]

    Crystal didn’t expect Manny and Camila to be a happily ever after duo. She would have rooted for them every day in every way to try to prevent it, but she still had the feeling Camila was more deeply in love with Diego than she herself even realized. Sansara, Crystal’s twin spirit, was a mind-reader. […]

  • Crystal di Scordia

    LeggoMyDiego friended her that evening on Discord. “Was this her Diego?” she wondered aloud. Sansara confirmed it, making her smile. She would do her utmost for him, she thought. But, then again, she thought that of every new person she spoke to. Her office hours were limited to eight hours a day and she was […]

  • Why u mad, bro?

    Diego felt terrible. Sansara had walked away from him, brooding in anger the night she got him stoned out of his gourd. Then, he daydreamed having sex with her and it ended with her calling out someone else’s name. That part was confusing, because he’d never heard the name Ross from her before.. That wasn’t […]

  • Chivalry [NSFW]

    Diego was both elated and confused by his latest wet dream. He’d had enough torture, he thought. He didn’t think he could keep his paws off the lady anymore… not after that kind of dream. That was going to be spank bank material for the rest of his life. He wanted to march into her […]

  • Ruined Afterglow [NSFW]

    She was mad at him, he could just tell. They just had sex for the very first time and she was angry. He tried to figure out what he did wrong. He wanted to smack himself in the forehead. They’d been discussing wedding dresses and he’d asserted he wanted her in white and the moment […]

  • Howdy, Neighbor (cont’d) [NSFW]

    Diego stared up at Crystal from the floor, dazed from being thrown when he least expected it. Just how strong was this woman? He was not exactly light, weighing in at two hundred pounds. She wasn’t exactly anorexic, either. He remembered the muscle definition he’d seen the day he was her doing yoga in the […]