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Tag: loki

  • My Spirit’s Journey

    I am nomming on some mixed nuts coated in avocado oil, garlic, and dill seasonings. YUM! (And a few cracks of Himalayan salt, of course.) I sit here, under attack spiritually. This has been the case for eons. But why? Because I’m a beautiful woman that nobody wants to just talk to. This is the […]

  • Dream Woman, I am in love with you.

    You never use the L word on me. It’s making it really hard to believe in the idea that there could be an “us.” Without that word, it seems pointless to trudge onward. I want to be with you. Just you. For the rest of eternity. Did I do something wrong? Why don’t you say […]

  • White Washing History

    I don’t know how foolish we are as a species, per se, but I’d reckon it’s quite. I was reading the Prose Edda, the first account of Odin’s life. First of all, he is not a God. He is a mere man. A man with supernatural understanding of the human psyche, I’d assume, given his […]

  • A Strange Dream

    I woke up today to a strange dream. I’d gone to the grocery store – Wegmans, I think – and was trying to check out via self-checkout (which I rarely use.) For some reason, all the things in my cart were already in bags and all the bag handles were tied in knots, so I […]

  • I Don’t Want to Exist Anymore

    Ever feel that way? I remember feeling it most when I was a teenager, honestly. I felt like I should have never been born, after trying to communicate my grief to others, trying to face it head-on that I’d been raped and diminished as a person. Instead, the people I tried to acquire comfort from […]