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Tag: kundalini reiki

  • What would you do for True Love(TM)?

    I think I’m over it. The idea that true love exists. I wish I wasn’t… I wish I could be my normal optimistic peppy self, the cheerleader for cheerleaders, and tell you all it exists. It doesn’t. It’s a myth. It makes me sick to think it. It makes me sicker to share it. It […]

  • Protecting My Princess

    I love this girl beyond reason, let me tell you. She’s just so fucking wonderful. She’s smart. Smarter than me, I must say, and I love it. She’ll let me do mental gymnastics to try to solve things for a year or more and then she’ll just tell me the solution when I give up. […]

  • Today I learned…

    I was today years old when I learned that reiki practitioners are full of bullshit. I read at least five online sites discussing sessions and charges and blah blah blah. It’s a scam, y’all. They want your $$$ and they ask too much information. Now, if you want a life coach on top of a […]

  • Friends Don’t Shoot Friends in the Face [NSFW]

    Diego threw his hands up in the air. Sansara just killed him again in Halo. He was getting sick of that being the case. She looked at her friend and said, “Okay, this is not about torturing you, how ’bout we play co-op? I got Borderlands 3, too, you know.” He looked at her suddenly […]

  • Coffee Talks, PT II

    Sansara noted Diego had a tan line on his left ring finger last time he was holding her hand. He was left-handed and he had taken her right into his while they talked at the kitchen table, though she didn’t know what purpose he had in mind. She was waiting for a sign, any sign, […]

  • Going Home/Telepathic Tales As Diego got up from the table, preparing to drive the two of them home, he glanced at the check. The grand total was… $285.00. He went white as a sheet for a moment. Had they really spent so much money on one dinner together? His eyes widened as he saw his future wife […]