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Tag: justification

  • God is Mad, Bro

    You’re damn right, I’m mad. I’m livid. I’m beyond angry. You stupid pricks have yet to learn to live with the native creatures of any planet. Thank fuck I took the pains to collect the six trillion seeds and genetic samples of all the creatures of “Earth.” You destroyed them all, just about. Now you […]

  • I’m the messiah (and so are you)

    There’s a book out there we call The Bible. It says that there’s this guy named God out there who is the supreme being of righteousness. I hope there is, although I’m an atheist, because I’d like to meet him some day. I hear he’s the father of all humanity, after all. Does that mean […]

  • Paul Foote, Psycho Murderer?

    I dated a boy online was a teenager. A boy I liked quite a bit, all around, for ages. We had a great time exploring the depths of ourselves with each other. Or, I thought so, until he started putting me down. He told me my nose was too big and he had a problem […]