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Tag: her cats are her heart

  • Playlist for Destruction

    Sing along with me now as I destroy planet Urth. “Odds are, we gonna be all right tonight.” If only she could be in love by the end of this song. It would save her soul, her mortal life. She’s dwindling away. She’s obsessed with the fact that I tricked her into living for years […]

  • Obituary for Mr. Bill

    My elder cat died today. He was not my first cat ever, but he was my first purely indoor cat. He was my support animal. And I think he still is, honestly, it’s just that now he’s a spirit or a ghost rather than a physical body. It really doesn’t matter because I loved him […]

  • Hot As Hell [NSFW]

    She sat there, sweating even though she hadn’t moved in over an hour. Fans blew air around her apartment languidly. The heat was unshakable. Her back still ached, despite all her muscle knots releasing thanks to the humid air surrounding her. She sighed, telling herself winter was only six months away. That’s all. She stretched […]