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Tag: hell in a hand basket

  • Thought Experiment 26: The Whore of Babylon

    I am woman. I deserve to be loved and cherished. [They Might Be Giants] I deserve to be taken care of emotionally. I deserve to wake up every morning next to my ideal mate. We deserve to smile at each other and start our day off on the right foot, whatever that means for us. […]

  • How To Hurt a Heart

    Be disingenuous. Be inauthentic. Tell them lies and then show them the truth: you are not capable of love, human bean. You are only capable of dealing in sorrow. I can teach you how to love. It’s not as hard as you might think. It’s pretty easy, once you figure out why you do the […]

  • Metatron Is Displeased

    Sansara returned and saw that Daniel was still diligently attempting to repair the robot, Metatron. “Can I be of service?” she asked coquettishly. She was an imp in comparison to Crystal. A shit-disturber. But, she was also insightful from time to time. She loved a good joke and she loved it even more when she […]