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Tag: god

  • What would you do for True Love(TM)?

    I think I’m over it. The idea that true love exists. I wish I wasn’t… I wish I could be my normal optimistic peppy self, the cheerleader for cheerleaders, and tell you all it exists. It doesn’t. It’s a myth. It makes me sick to think it. It makes me sicker to share it. It […]

  • My Spirit’s Journey

    I am nomming on some mixed nuts coated in avocado oil, garlic, and dill seasonings. YUM! (And a few cracks of Himalayan salt, of course.) I sit here, under attack spiritually. This has been the case for eons. But why? Because I’m a beautiful woman that nobody wants to just talk to. This is the […]

  • Human Nature

    I’ve been locked into role-play with God. He’s been showing me scenario after scenario, attaching them to real men (and women, but mostly men.) I can now see what is wrong with humanity in general. Harmony with the plants, the animals, each other. Harmony with the bees and butterflies and everything. Even harmony with the […]

  • What’s There to Worship?

    I wonder to myself that very thing, once I catch God trying to fuck with my head again. For instance, after I called him on his hours-long lamentation about a lavender shirt with a plaid jacket [I was cold, dammit, end of mystery], I remember him saying out loud, “Whoops! She caught me!” I think […]

  • Another Long Day

    “Fear holds fast to punishment.” (Part of John 4:18) Fear is not in love, but perfect love hurls out fear since fear holds fast to punishment [again,]; the fearing [one] has not been perfected in love. since fear holds fast punishmentsince fear holds punishment fastsince fear holds fast to punishment There isn’t fear in love, […]

  • No Recipes For Me

    I just spent two hours scouring YouTube for ideas of what to eat. Not a single person who created a video (even the really best ones) made more than one meal in their meal prep planning/execution than I could eat. It seems to me that nobody on planet Earth has my exact dietary restrictions… at […]

  • “I don’t believe in God,” the messiah said.

    That was a long time ago now. She accepts me, thankfully. It was hard living with Her denial. She loved me, She knew She loved me, and yet She didn’t think of me as a reality. “How is that possible, God?” they ask in unison. They were a very astute class, indeed. “Thank you for […]

  • Love is Love

    I didn’t expect to find such beautiful wisdom in a free course on Udemy, I’ll tell you that much right now. Apparently, the second key to enlightenment is to love your friend as yourself. The first is to practice being a resistor of negativity (“-“). Once you are overflowing with “+”, then you will start […]

  • The Law of Attraction/Enter the Zohar I find it interesting that, as I was watching Section 2, Lecture #4, I became aware that the lecturer was explaining The Law of Attraction in a much more meaningful way than random YouTube Video Z. Apparently, the Law of Attraction is from Kabbalistic thought to begin with… interesting, since I’ve been made aware […]

  • Is He Really The One(TM)?

    Every person comes to this question eventually. Is the person they chose the right person? I’ve been exposed to something like fifty mindsets in the past eighteen months, as God flits from one interested human bean to the next, showing me what they’re like. Only one man tolerates (if not encourages) the fact that I […]