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Tag: gluten-free

  • Thanksgiving Brain/Why?

    Since I am gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and nightshade-free, it’s going to be a challenge to create feasts. It’s a challenge just to eat on a daily basis, but still the feast day is coming. It’s on my brain because multiple men are daydreaming about a lovely turkey with dressing, made by moi! I don’t know […]

  • French Onion Soup & Reubens

    Dinner was delicious today. I double-toasted my Carbonaught gluten-free bread to make it most like regular toast, threw some roast beef slices on it, and some sauerkraut and called it a day for me. For my mom, I added the Thousand Island signature dressing for the Reuben. I can’t eat that part, so I omitted […]

  • Auterspace(TM)

    I’m going to start evangelizing to save the bees every time I pick up the telephone, I’ve decided. Those cold callers are going to regret existing, God said so. What are they doing, stuffing their faces with convenience food instead of planting flowers?! I’ve begun evangelizing on The Network(TM). I’ve got to do something. I […]

  • Dinner with Sansara/Lightning Strikes Finally! They were seated at a table. She informed Diego what she wanted for dinner and made him order it on her behalf, which he found odd. He thought back to chauvinistic displays in days of yore, where men did that sort of thing. It never seemed to be from a place of love, […]

  • Open Forum Therapy

    For the record, my blog is for my therapist to read. I see no reason to make it private other than to save face for an asshole who is king amongst derelicts. And a couple of bitches along the way, too. Fuck ’em. It’s easy to blame myself for all that happened. I did for […]