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Tag: failed marriage proposal

  • Shame

    My shame stems from failure. My ego said everything was right. It said we couldn’t fail. It said he loved us. It said he was the real deal. It said I wouldn’t be happier with anyone else. It said a lot of things. Between that and my selfish desire to share my feelings, I went…

  • End of My Rope

    End of My Rope

    The Universe told me there was a kinder, gentler future for me so I went on a vision quest. I had come to be was meandering in circles, like a leaf on the surface of a pond, disturbed by a fish taking a bite of insect to eat. I am utterly and completely alone. And…

  • Crystal’s Dark Comedy #1

    He’s not jail cute. I have to stay in my lane and put my eyes back on the food. I ran over a phantom dog. Scooby Doo taught me more about life than school ever will.