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Tag: donut waffle

  • “A Day In The Life Of” (Cont’d)

    She met her goals for the day, wouldn’t you know. All but one: making the elusive donut waffle. It’s not that she didn’t have the reagents on hand. Far from it: she had conjure at least 100 waffles, she’d wager. There was something else holding her back. It wasn’t Sir Deli Man – perish the […]

  • Once a Snoop…

    They say once a cheater, always a cheater, but I posit that once a snoop, always a snoop. And you should be a snoop, too. A person with nothing to hide is the loyal kind of person. Anyone who is offended with even the smallest invasion of privacy is suspect. Diego was still reading Sansara’s […]

  • Doughnut Waffle Recipe

    Bienvenue! A really simple recipe that tastes like donuts once topped with maple syrup! 2.00 cups oat meal (any kind)0.50 cups cassava flour1.50 cups mineral or spring water0.50 cups avocado oil2.00 tbs vanilla extract0.50 tsp nutmeg Combine oats and water in blender and allow to sit for ~20 minutes.Add all other ingredients after absorption time […]

  • Reprise: I’m a ‘Stalker’

    I got off-topic last entry so I’ll try again. There is this guy in the grocery store that I see once in a month or so, at random. One of the times I saw him — September of last year — he caught me staring at his back. He turned around and our eyes met, […]