Tag: diet

  • No More Fruit

    Conventional wisdom dictates to me that fruit is a necessary part of any well-balanced diet. I cannot eat it, currently, without feeling over-full for hours. I’ll be giving it a rest because of this. The same with plant milks, which I was using to try to invite more nutrition into my paltry diet. I don’t […]

  • Fighting Food Intolerance

    God told me today that I know the cure for cancer. I have no evidence I actually have cancer, of course. Apparently SSM Health does from an MRI they took of my belly last year. I’m afraid to call. I don’t want to know. I’ll tell you how I cured it, just in case he’s […]

  • Tai Chi Wake Up

    TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, NARCISSISM, PEDOPHILIA Sansara rolled out of bed, groaning as she did. Her right shoulder and left hip were partially dislocated. This was the story of her life after working in computers for a few decades and, as most people fail to, not getting enough regular exercise. Crystal told her for the fifth […]

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