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Tag: demons

  • The End is Nigh

    i hate youi hate youi fucking hate you, crystal scordiasi hate you with a passionnow get out of my headleave me alone foreveri’m trying to get some sleepand you suck balls-THE END-

  • We Don’t Want to Kill You All

    We don’t really want to eradicate the human species. We’re really upset you destroyed the red and blue people. Incredibly upset. You really don’t know when to stop your bullshit. Good thing we took some away in cryostasis to preserve the species of each. They will be deposited on Gaia once more and protected in…

  • Have You Met the Mountain?

    [Minor Profanity Warning] I have been taught a form of shamanism — or perhaps it’s just a crazy dude’s interpretation of reality — since I was seven years old. Native American shamanism. I do not know what tribe it comes from, but I know there are more than three tribes in me. The ones I…