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Tag: dairy allergy

  • What would you do for True Love(TM)?

    I think I’m over it. The idea that true love exists. I wish I wasn’t… I wish I could be my normal optimistic peppy self, the cheerleader for cheerleaders, and tell you all it exists. It doesn’t. It’s a myth. It makes me sick to think it. It makes me sicker to share it. It […]

  • She Still Wants Pie

    I lied; she actually wants apple pie. Or maybe cherry. Something sweet and tasty, at any rate. I used it as an excuse to talk about her dairy allergy. I admit it. On the topic of her dairy allergy (hi again), you should know two things: my woman is a strong woman, a woman of […]

  • She Wants Pie

    How many of you can drive or walk to the grocery store and pick up a pizza pie, go home, bake it, and consume it? Pizza is her death knell. Not only is it full of nightshades (paprika & tomato — especially pepperoni pie), it’s full of something else that she’s been allergic to since […]

  • “A Day In The Life Of”

    I wake up alone. I’ve tossed and turned all night, rolling around with discomfort. My bladder reminds me that it needs to be emptied, but I lie there, semi-comfortable at last. I cling to the vestiges of sleep, wishing it could last forever. I look at the clock, remembering it’s set an hour ahead somehow […]

  • The Universe(TM) is my BFF

    If you hadn’t noticed, I love adding the trademark indicator to stupid common phrases. I think it’s funny. I hope you do, too. I have this notion that a world of pain is coming my way. Emotional pain. I’m still sort of connected to the most vile bastard I’ve ever met in the back of […]