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Tag: coercion

  • Wet Dreams/The Claymation Comedian

    Probably one of the weirdest things I’ve experienced as a new psychopath (psychic) is someone else’s wet dream about me. I was in bed talking to myself. This is a nightly occurrence. I’m always talking to myself… if it’s not God, it’s boys, and suddenly out of nowhere I felt someone dreaming about me. Yes, […]

  • Back In My Body

    I finally feel like myself again. It’s really strange when I pick up a fly swatter and smack the plague of flies around my sink, talking to myself, and then suddenly laughter that does not originate within me is burbling out of my mouth. How does one laugh without mirth? Sometimes, God’s the one laughing. […]

  • She Wants Pie

    How many of you can drive or walk to the grocery store and pick up a pizza pie, go home, bake it, and consume it? Pizza is her death knell. Not only is it full of nightshades (paprika & tomato — especially pepperoni pie), it’s full of something else that she’s been allergic to since […]

  • Connection/Art

    I took a workshop today via Udemy called Connect with Colour – Using Art as a Way of Knowing. It’s about 30 minutes long. It’s one of the better freebies I’ve found on Udemy. I made a digital image full of hearts. ❤ It made me feel kind of fuzzy and good inside. It made […]

  • Dear God,

    I know I’m an atheist, which in my mind means I have no right to talk to you as if you exist. However, I think it’s rude of me to declare you don’t exist, especially when I know Mr. Christ certainly existed. He can exist, be a healer, and there could still be no God. […]