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Tag: clean this shit hole up already

  • Insanity, Reprise

    I am annoyed today. “That’s putting it mildly,” pipes up a catty voice. Yeah, well, you’d be annoyed, too, if you had to put up with you all day. Oh, wait. You do. That’s why you’re annoying. Got it. <Hits the ignore button on that voice.> Who’s next? Caitlyn! Oh, hello, Katie. Didn’t get enough…

  • Emergency Care

    Her soul needed CPR. After eighteen long months, she has a spiritual pulse again. I thought I lost her, y’all. She’s my baby, you know. She’s so sweet and innocent. A fucking unicorn amongst you idiots. More of you could be like her, but I bet you won’t bother or dare. It’s a shame, because…