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Tag: cannabis

  • Unconventional Breakfast

    Cider-Oat Breakfast Soup Microwave for 3 minutes or so (perhaps longer, if your cider is chilled.) I mulled and reduced some cider for another recipe, so what’s a girl to do with what’s leftover? EAT IT. I am woozy this morning… I slept 15 hours after I exercised twice yesterday. I went through a simple […]

  • I’m Sick

    Something catastrophic has happened to my person. It’s really difficult to explain without telling all the details, so perhaps I just need to write a book describing it. I feel like there are many lessons being learned and if all of humanity could learn them with me, we might be blessed with peace and prosperity […]

  • A Day In The Life Of

    Sansara awoke many times throughout the day. She’d fallen asleep when she full well meant to stay awake. That was happening a lot these days. She was fighting cancer, after all, and it was taking its toll on her body. It was shortly after dawn that the vixen had nodded off. She’d been doing yoga […]

  • My Worth, Take Three

    What God really wants you to know, children of Eden, is that you’re unworthy of life at this time. You are failing to live with your surroundings, you are failing to tend to the garden. You are failing to thrive alongside the animals that feed you, the plants that feed you. You’ve tamed everything in […]

  • Hot As Hell [NSFW]

    She sat there, sweating even though she hadn’t moved in over an hour. Fans blew air around her apartment languidly. The heat was unshakable. Her back still ached, despite all her muscle knots releasing thanks to the humid air surrounding her. She sighed, telling herself winter was only six months away. That’s all. She stretched […]

  • Camila, Manny, and Charlie [NSFW]

    TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, BESTIALITY, DOMINATION, SUBMISSION, VULGARITY, CHILD ABUSE Manny came home to a very naked Camila, completely akimbo on the bed, masturbating while looking at something on her phone. He was curious what his wife was looking at as she pleased herself, but she turned her phone off as she saw her husband approach […]

  • Diego & Super_Fox#8259 [NSFW]

    Diego must have read his conversation with Super_Fox ten times, mulling over every word. There was no way it wasn’t his woman, it was just too bizarre. Too uncanny. Too much like his sassy future wife. Once the little icon that indicated she was online winked out, he started to write to her in Discord. […]

  • Friends Don’t Shoot Friends in the Face [NSFW]

    Diego threw his hands up in the air. Sansara just killed him again in Halo. He was getting sick of that being the case. She looked at her friend and said, “Okay, this is not about torturing you, how ’bout we play co-op? I got Borderlands 3, too, you know.” He looked at her suddenly […]

  • Coffee Talks, PT II

    Sansara noted Diego had a tan line on his left ring finger last time he was holding her hand. He was left-handed and he had taken her right into his while they talked at the kitchen table, though she didn’t know what purpose he had in mind. She was waiting for a sign, any sign, […]